Saturday, April 14, 2012

Shadow Dance by Julie Garwood

Shadow Dance is the sixth installment of the Buchanan’s Series. In this story we meet Jordan Buchanan the sister of the Buchanan brothers who have been written about in previous novels. The family gathers in South Carolina for the wedding of Dylan Buchanan and his bride to be Kate McKenna. Kate is a friend of Jordan’s who has the honor of being one of her brides maids. Kate gives the task during the wedding to keep an eye on Noah Clayborne who charms all of the bridesmaids. She also is asked to keep an eye on Kate’s little sister Sophie who is dying for Noah’s affections. Jordan takes her task seriously and meets this Professor McKenna who shows up to the wedding without invitation. Jordan rescues him from security and hears his tale of the feud between the McKennas and Buchanans. The Professor insinuates that the wedding should not take place and argues the Buchanans for what they have done to the McKennas over the years. Jordan is enraged by his suggestions about her ancestors. She decides to go out to meet the Professor to copy his research for Sophie and prove to Noah that she can be adventurous. Jordan drives to Serenity Texas where the Professor lives to get the research. Then the problems begin. Oh and don’t forget the dead bodies that seem to show up in Jordan’s car. What will happen next? 

I am such a fan of Julie Garwood. I love the Buchanan series. This book did not disappoint me. I did find it slow in some spots. For the most part I could not put this book down.