Saturday, August 25, 2012

Strike a Pose with Growing Up Beautiful by Lori Jones

Lori Jones, thank you for sending me your novel.   Lori takes us on an adventure in the world of modeling in Italy.


Star, Joanne, and Casey make their way from the United States to Milan Italy.  Each woman is hoping build her portfolio for their modeling careers. Marcella the booking agent is all that stands in their way for success.  Star leaves behind a job as a waitress and a mother who is a drunk.  She hopes for new opportunities in Milan that includes making lots of money.  Casey leaves behind her family and looks for her first opportunity to strike out on her own.  Will she listen to the advice her parents give her about traveling by herself?  Joanne has never done anything independent her whole life.  Her parents have mapped out her whole life.  She does everything to please them until the modeling contract comes with a ticket to Milan.  Will mom and dad be supportive of her modeling career?

My Thoughts:

I really enjoyed this novel.   This book is Lori Joni’s debut in the chick lit genre.   I enjoyed reading about modeling and in Italy.  I thought the characters were great!  The story has so many twists and turns you will rush to read the last page.  I am very excited that there will be a sequel!