Friday, April 13, 2012

This Christmas by Jane Green, Jennifer Coburn, and Liz Ireland

This Christmas is comprised of three short stories by Jane Green, Jennifer Coburn, and Liz Ireland. Jane Green’s story Vacation is about Sarah and Eddie a couple who have just started a family. Sarah and Eddie begin to fall into different roles within their marriage. The problem is that Sarah isn’t happy and through a discussion about Eddie’s job they both decide to try a trial separation leading up to Christmas. Eddie goes to Chicago for his job and Sarah decides to makes some changes as well. I really liked to this story by Jane Green.

The second story is by Jennifer Coburn titled The Second Wife of Reilly. The holidays are coming and Sarah (The Second Wife of Reilly) is not enjoying the holidays She is concerned that her husband Reilly is having an affair with first wife Prudence. Sarah decides that she is going to make sure that Prudence is not a problem in Reilly’s life anymore so she sets out with her friend Gwen to find a husband for Prudence.

The third story is by Liz Ireland titled Mistletoe and Holly. Holly feels that her plans are set for the holidays. She finally has the boyfriend Jason to take home to meet the family. Holly has always had certain traditions that take place every year in her family at Christmas time. Jason is excited to experience those traditions with her since he has no family. She is also accompanied by her friend Isaac who helps her put this Christmas in perspective. Holly is in for a surprise when she reaches the house.

I haven't been much for Christmas stories in recent years.  I liked this story.



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