Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Come visit the French Coast!

Visit the French Coast with Anita Hughes in her latest release.  Thank you to St. Martins Press and Anita Hughes for a copy of this novel.  I have had the opportunity to read Anita’s previous novels.  I think this is one you might be her best!


Serena’s life could not be better with a great fiancĂ©, a great job, and wonderful family.  Her boss Chelsea gives her the opportunity of a lifetime to go to Cannes and interview the head of French Vogue and write her memoir.  All of the sudden news comes out that her father has a second family in France. Will she be able to complete her job in Cannes?  How will her fiancĂ© react?  Serena finds herself at her hotel staying with a new friend Zoe Gladding after the hotel messed up her reservation.  Who happens to be the daughter of Malcolm Gladding the designer.   What happens when Serena meets the mysterious Nick?  How will this impact Serena and her future?

My Thoughts: 

I loved this novel!  I have had the privilege of reading Anita’s previous novels.  I have to say the French Coast is the  best so far.   I found the story very entertaining!  The plot asks a great question. The conflict between that each family goes through has a similar theme.    What do you do when you find out a secret about a loved one?  What lengths are you willing to go to protect yourself and others? 

Characters are extremely well developed and well written.  Fashion plays a big role in this novel.  The setting is the city of Cannes in France and San Francisco California.  The story is well written.   While I very much enjoyed the novel it was a little too imitate for me.    

Go out and get your copy today!



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