Thursday, April 6, 2017

What Colors Our Perspective?

Small Great Things is the latest book from author Jodi Picoult.  In her latest book she covers the topic of racism and how it affects different groups of people.  I debated with myself on whether I wanted to cover this book on Writer’s Corner. 


Ruth Jefferson an African American has been a nurse for over twenty years.  She has worked in the Labor and Delivery ward in a small hospital in New York.  She has one sister Adisa who is lives in the ghetto and gets by on benefits and minimum wage jobs.  Her answer to everything is to turn to her prejudices for solutions to her problems.  One day while Ruth is at work she is assigned to a couple with a baby. The father asks her to not touch their baby and has her removed from the case.  The father Turk is a white supremacist and does not want anything to do with African Americans.  When his baby dies he wants to blame someone for his death.  So Ruth is promptly arrested and charged with the crime.  Is she really guilty?  Enter Kennedy McQuarry public defender who takes on Ruth’s case.  Does she really understand what this case is about?

My Thoughts:

I feel that this book is well written.  It is a powerful and moving story! Ms. Picoult does a great job of covering all the different viewpoints, in this hot topic.   I remember seeing her in Atlanta while she was on tour discussing this book.  She interviewed a skinhead to get an idea for how to write the character of Turk.  The story is set in New York.  

I have always operated from the perspective that everything is not always obvious to everyone.  This often annoys my family.  Would it be accurate to say that when taught to hate via circumstances; our views are colored by what we see?  The past cannot be changed but the future can.  Do two wrongs make a right?   I will leave with this parting thought.  “16 We know what real love is because Jesus gave up his life for us. So we also ought to give up our lives for our brothers and sisters.” 1 John 3:16 (Bible gateway)



Jodi is busy working on her next project.  Purchase Small Great Things here.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

What Goes on Behind Closed Doors?

Debbie Viggiano is stopping by Writer’s Corner to share her next book.  The Corner Shop of Whispers a great read for this spring or summer at the beach.  She takes a neighborhood with some interesting characters and speculates what would happen if a scandal occurred?

Romantic Florrie, scatty Daisy and snobby Alison are neighbours, living their married lives in the tiny English village of Lower Amblegate where everyone knows everybody. Together the three friends share laughter, tears, and things they wouldn’t want anybody else knowing. But unbeknownst to them, a scandal is brewing. As rumours circulate, the gossips go into overdrive, rocking marriages and revealing the women have much more in common than just neighbourly bonds…

Purchase your copy of The Corner Shop of Whispers here.

About the Author:

Prior to turning her attention to writing, Debbie Viggiano was, for more years than she cares to remember, a legal secretary. She lives with her Italian husband, a rescued puppy from Crete, and a very disgruntled cat. Occasionally her children return home from uni bringing her much joy...apart from their gifts of dirty laundry. Follow her blogTweet @DebbieViggiano or look her up on Facebook!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Where Do I Find Hope?

Where Do I Go is the first book in Yadayada House of Hope series by Neta Jackson. What happens when life takes a different direction? How do you move forward? These are hard questions for our main character Gabby Fairbanks to answer. Let’s look at her journey.


Gabby has moved to Chicago with her husband Phillip. He is building a new business with his partner Harry Fenchel. The first item on the list is to get settled in this penthouse. Gabby does not care for the penthouse.  One day while looking out of one of their windows, she sees a bike path. She decides to check it out and while exploring Gabby runs into a homeless lady Lucy. Gabby cut her foot and Lucy offers to help. She wants to return the favor for Lucy but has forgotten the dinner party taking place at home. The welcome by her husband Phillip is anything but warm. So Gabby finds a solution and sends her to a homeless shelter. The next morning Gabby decides to check on Lucy. Once she finds out which homeless she went to from the concierge. He gives her the information and Gabby starts to learn about Manna House and its services. A door opens to a possible job opportunity. Will this job help or hurt her relationship with her husband? Will God lead her down a different path?

My Thoughts:

I enjoyed this story. Readers will find Gabby’s story consuming as they turn the pages. I loved how the author focused on how God’s path is never easy. Or what happens when life takes a different turn. How do you navigate alone? Loved how Philip is written so well as the antagonist of the story.

The author also focused on the classic concept of the haves and the have nots. Does having money make one happy? Or does the loss of it mean no opportunities? How do you trust in God at a time like this? When I have experienced less funds than currently needed. God has opened doors for activities that I might now have time for such as Writer’s Corner.

Please visitNeta Jackson as she continues to explore Gabby’s story in the House of Hope series.