Thursday, January 16, 2014

How Reliable is Your Wife?

A Reliable Wife is Robert Goolrick's debut novel.  It came highly recommended to
me.   The movie is coming soon!  Let’s discuss the novel.


Ralph Truitt has posted an ad for a Reliable Wife.   He thinks that he has found the perfect reliable wife.  The correspondences between him and the woman in the letters seem to be going well.  Then he meets Catherine Land when she gets off the train who is nothing like the woman he wrote to.   Ralph Truitt decides to take her to the house but an accident occurs on the way there.  Catherine ends of nursing him back to health, but this is not what she had planned.  Her plan was to poison him and inherit his estate.   He then makes a request for her to go get his long lost son.  So Catherine leaves but will she find a son willing to come back to his father?  Will her plans change?

My Thoughts:

This novel came highly recommended to me.  I heard that it will also become a movie.  The novel is very well written for a debut author with an intricate plot line.  I had the privilege of listening to it. Mark Feuerstein did an excellent job of bringing this story to life through his narration.  

For me one thing I struggle with is when a great plot line evokes motions.  The themes of this story are revenge, hatred, and selfishness.  The main characters all care about their needs and using one another to get what they want.  There seems to be some hope towards the end of the story.   So this story would not appeal to me personally, but it might to others. 



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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

What is Your Purpose?

Thank you to Bethany House and Netgalley sending me this wonderful Bible
Study for review.   Susie Larson asks this question what is Your Beautiful Purpose?

The author proposes that we all have a calling or a purpose.  We the readers often scratch our heads trying to figure out what is this for us?  She shares anecdotes from her own life as she explains different parts of the purpose that we are intended for.  She explains that we do have a calling and that we have a choice to follow it or not.  How do you follow it?  Study in God’s word.   We need to listen to God and  follow his plan.  We need to actively serve.

My Thoughts:

I have to say that timing played a factor in when I was able to cover the study.  I also found that it profoundly impacted my life.   To review this Bible Study I tried to  participate in it  like normal.  This being said the only negative I had was not being able to have access to the video segments which I feel would have greatly enhanced my experience. The book is divided into six chapters with questions that follow the end of each chapter. 
For me the opportunity to grow in Christ is the most important aspect of who I am.  So if you are looking for a study that will challenge you then this is the book for you?  For those who are in a different place in their walk then it is an introduction to the tools to continue to grow.
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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Virtual Nightstand January 12, 2014

Today I will announce the winner of the Clearing Bookshelves giveaway.   And the winner is!  Michelle Willms.  She has 72 hours to contact me to claim her prize.  I am working on another big

giveaway.  I am currently obtaining prizes, but it will be BIG!  I wanted to say thank you to all my followers since we have reached 100.  I could  not have done without you!

The highlights from this week were the signing at Foxtale Book Shoppe in Woodstock Georgia.  The ladies of Foxtale had Karen White come to visit them this week.  We had some tasty cupcakes and got to meet Quincy her dog. 

The nightstand has not changed for this week but this is what I am reading: