Friday, May 25, 2012

Recovery by Alexandrea Weis

 I was referred this book by the fabulous Pia Bernardino from So Many Books So Little Time. This book was an excellent referral. I have not read anything by Alexandrea Weis before. I found this to be a good read and something that kept my interest all the way through. 

The story:

Nicole Beauvoir is on publicity for new book Painting Jenny which is the story of her relationship with David Alexander. There story was cut short by David’s murder. Nicole has what she thinks is a chance meeting with a Mr. Simon La Roy. He shares with her news that her life is in jeopardy and he is sending her with some protection but she needs to also help with the investigation. Dallas August is the investigator looking into Nicole’s late fiancĂ©e’s murder. Nicole is supposed to pretend that Dallas is the new man in her life but she is not as good an actress as he hoped. Dallas meets her family on the way back from New York and gains two allies in Nicole’s father and her uncle Lance. This group has to solve the murder of David Alexander. This also involves meeting people from her past who David knew. Who murdered David Alexander? Will there truly be anything between Nicole and Dallas? I can’t wait for the next Nicole Beauvoir book.

You can also win a copy of this book on May 26th at the Readathon for International  Chick Lit Month.