Monday, April 9, 2012

Damsel Under Stress by Shanna Swendson

Damsel Under Stress   by Shanna Swendson is the third installment in the Enchanted Inc. series. A great series by far! You must read the other two in the series (Enchanted Inc. and OnceUpon Stilettos). I liked the book. I couldn't put it down yesterday and read the last one hundred pages. I am looking forward to reading the final book in the series.

Katie Chandler and Owen Palmer finally got together at the end of the last book (Once Upon a Stiletto). Now it is time explore their relationship. Enter the fairy godmother Ethelinda. She has very good intentions but makes every date a disaster for both Katie and Owen. Not to mention the bad guys they run into in each date. The real concern is their mortal enemy Idris is creating marketing for his spells and store that break the rules of the magical community. Owen and Katie have to find a way to foil his plans. Will Katie and Owen truly get together? Will they be able to foil Idris's plans? Will her friends find out her secret about her job?This book is a must read.


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