Sunday, April 8, 2012

Jennifer Weiner Shares the Joys of Friendship, Best Friends Forever

What would you do for your best friend? Would you go on the run? Would you try to cover up a crime? These are the questions that Addie Downs is confronted with when her best friend from her childhood shows up at her door. Valerie has just suffered a traumatic event and comes to Addie to help her. The history between these has not been good. There are flashbacks to what happened in the past that has led to current event in  both Addie and Valerie’s lives. Addie’s mom mentions that Val didn’t have it as easy as she did growing up. Sometimes a second chance with a friend can reveal more about that person than one realizes. 

Enter Jordan Novick he is the Police Chief of Pleasant Ridge and also has a thing for Addie. Jordan has a sordid past with his previous relationships. He is investigating the disappearance of Dan Swansea from his class reunion. The investigation takes some interesting twists and turns. What will Jordan learn about the people of Pleasant Ridge and Valerie Adler and Addie Downs?

This book is about change and the growth of transformation. Some events that surface can change people in certain ways. In some ways they can  give hope to those with a past.  The future is what you make it. The book was an easy read and left me with an uplifted feeling.



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