Sunday, March 31, 2013

Is it a Risk Worth Taking?

A Risk Worth Taking was recommended to me by my mother.  The author is the son of the famous author Rosamunde Pilcher.


Dan has recently been downsized from his job.   He has moved his family to the suburbs of London.  His wife Jackie picks up the slack by getting a job with Rebecca Towelworth Designs.  Is there more going on with her job than meets the eye?  They have three children Josh, Nina, and Millie.  The girls hate their school and constantly complain to their father.  Meanwhile Josh spends most of his nights out at clubs and a low paying job.  All of the sudden Dan sees an article about a company looking for assistance in Women’s Weekly.  What happens when Dan decides to check out the company?  And how will this affect the family?

My Thoughts: 

I wish I could tell you that the son’s writing is as good as the mothers.   I was not impressed.  I had a hard time getting started with this novel.  I did not love the character of Dan.

The story did take a turn for the better but it took half way through for me to be interested.  When Dan made the conclusion of what needed to happen with his family I was ready for this moment! 

This story takes place in 2001 to 2002 time period.  I think the book was a originally published at this time.  Jane Green has one that takes place during the same time period which is better.


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