Saturday, April 21, 2012

16th Hour Challlenge

My Favorite Rereads are:

Daughters of Fortune Series by Judith Pella

The Yukon Quest Series by Tracie Peterson

Coming Home by Rosamonde Pilcher

A Woman of Substance by Barbara Taylor Bradford


Second Chances by Jane Green

I read this book as another book club read. I had the honor of meeting Jane Green last summer. I could have talked with her for hours about writing. I found her advice very helpful. I wish I could have another opportunity to talk with her. So back to the book:


Holly is a mother of two who married Marcus but struggles with her marriage. Marcus is used to getting his own way and leaves Holly feeling strangled.

Saffron is a Hollywood Actress who suffers with an addiction. She is also having an affair with a famous actor.

Olivia has been terminally single and just lost her last long relationship with a guy. She struggles with whether she wants to find someone new or just be single the rest of her life. Tom sets her up with a guy from USA and the relationship has a long lasting influence.

Paul is married to Anna who is a CEO They have also been trying to have a baby for a longtime and struggled with their failure. Will they be able to find happiness despite not having children?

Holly, Saffron, Olivia, and Paul are all friends with Tom. He was a friend to them and influenced their lives in various ways. All of the sudden Tom is taken out of their lives by a terrorist attack. The years have gone by and they have all grown apart, but come back to mourn his death. In mourning his death they all remember how much they meant to one another.

I really liked this book by Jane Green.