Friday, May 1, 2015

My Journey through Never Too Late!

Claire Cook’s platform is “Reinvention.”  So what is my reinvention?  For Claire it began in her minivan.  She will tell you more about it in the book.  Mine started back in 2006 when my best friend said you devour books.  You need to write.  I pushed this idea away initially because I felt that I was so bad at it.  When I moved to Georgia everything changed.  I happened to move as the recession began.  I needed a job.  When I finally found one it didn’t really fit the bill for everything I needed.  While trying to find more income I decided to work on my skill of writing but where to start?
Claire would tell you herself that it all begins with networking!  She describes her trip to the Isla Mujeres in Mexico to attend a conference We Move Forward where she is the keynote speaker.  These initial chapters discuss the purpose of networking and why it is necessary for reinvention.  I felt that Claire did a great job of explaining the concept.    Could there be more to this concept for me to focus on writing?

The next part of the book discusses how she got her start in her reinvention and how you can do the same.  For me it is writing so what did I do to start?  I started by picking one day in my schedule when I could sit and write.  I also started visiting and sitting at the feet of many authors including Claire Cook.  Once I was able to be slightly more financially set I started taking the Momentum class with Emma Mc Laughlin and Nicola Kraus. 

The final aspect of Claire’s book discusses your platform which includes technology.  Then through your website extending your platform onto Facebook, Twitter, and others you can extend your platform.   For me I started this little blog called Writer’s Corner five years ago and then gradually extended into Facebook and Twitter.  I recently added Pinterest.  

We are kicking off the celebration of Writer’s Corner and Southern Writer’s with Never Too Late.  Later I will have Claire discuss her platform a little more.  Stay tuned for the big giveaway!



Thursday, April 30, 2015

Just a Fun Time at the Beach!

  This novel Maine by J. Courtney Sullivan tells the story of the Kellehers who own beach front property in Maine.  Is there more to the property then meets the eye?


Alice and Daniel Kelleher win a piece of land in a high stakes poker game.  They decide to keep the property and summer up in Maine.  As the years go by the family continues to grow.  The motivations of the family for visiting Maine changes over time.  Their son Patrick and his wife Ann Marie create a schedule for when each member of the family can come.  Could there be more to his motivation?  His sisters Claire and Kathleen certainly think so!  His mother Alice just wants her family together.  What could Alice’s perception mean for the beach house over time?  Is there something from the past that could change everything?

My Thoughts: 

This was my first J. Courtney Sullivan novel.  I listened to the narration of the novel, and it was excellent!  This narrator did a great job of capturing each character.   I just didn’t enjoy this novel as much as I thought it would.

The novel is told from three different points of view:  Alice the matriarch, Anne-Marie her daughter-in-law, Kathleen her daughter and Maggie her grand-daughter.  I am familiar with this style of storytelling.  Some other authors use this style of storytelling Elin Hilderbrand, Catherine McKenzie, and Jennifer Weiner.  I am not a fan of this style of storytelling.  I wish the story would be told straight out.   

When you read the blurb it mentions a horrible accident.  You don’t find out about this horrible accident until the climax.  I had hoped the ending would be better.



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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Is the Air Really Sweet? by Jencey Gortney

What is the price of Sea Salt Air?  These questions and more are answered in Barbara Delinsky’s release of Sweet Salt Air.  I highly recommend this novel as a summer read.  Who is ready to go to the beach?


Nicole is excited to work on her first book to be published with a major publisher.  She is creating a cook book with her friend Charlotte.  Their friendship goes all the way back to childhood.  This sounds like a wonderful summer on the island of Quinnipeague Maine.  There is a secret that might be come between both Nicole and Charlotte that involves Nicole’s husband Julian.    The work on the cookbook is supposed to be a distraction to dealing with Julian’s medical condition multiple Sclerosis.  Can she truly draw comfort from both the blog and her work on the book? How can Charlotte hold both the secret and a friendship with Nicole together through all of this?

My Thoughts: 

I ended up really liking this novel!  I have become a fan recently of Barbara Delinsky’s more recent work.  This novel has two main focuses cooking and Multiple Sclerosis.  These are two interesting topics which added to the plot therefore making it more interesting for the readers.   Cooking coincides with the blog of the main character.  I always find it interesting because an attribute of one of the characters.  Nicole in this book blogs to escape her husband’s condition and the pressure it places on her.  The condition of Multiple Sclerosis is explored through the husband and possible treatments. 

I did find the pacing of the story to be slow at times but overall I enjoyed it.  The characters are great!



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Monday, April 27, 2015

Paradise Is Relative… by Tina Guyden

Thank you to Linda Abbott and White Birch Publishing for sharing a copy of Ten Days in Paradise in exchange for an honest review. Paradise can be a place, a tropical beach or a snow-covered mountain retreat. It can be a person, lover or friend. It can be anything that brings you a sense of nearly indescribable joy. But can you place time constraints on it? Can it last forever? Can you even be sure it’s real?


Ten Days in Paradise is set in Sanibel Island, Florida. David is visiting the island with his wife and three young children to celebrate his parents’ anniversary. Ellen is a married mother of a teenager.  She is on a solo trip to consider the state of her marriage and her relationship with her son.  What happens when a David meets Ellen?  How do you explain the inexplicable meetings between David and Ellen? David is also struggling with aging parents, mediating between his sisters, and the issues in his marriage. This leads Ellen to examine why she allowed the relationship to develop and what can she do to make amends. Playing in the background is the story of Grace Chapel, a small church on the island that is in danger of being relocated.   Gregory wants to build his new, younger wife Jennifer her dream mansion.  His wealth is his power which means he makes it at happen.

My Thoughts:

What I enjoyed most about Ten Days in Paradise is its sense of redemption and the importance of faith. I disliked that David and Ellen were unfaithful to their spouses. I loved that Ellen was able to forgive herself, and work towards healing the wounds in her marriage.  She also helped those working to save Grace Chapel. I also understood David’s frustrations with his marriage, and I hope that he too was able to find peace after his time with Ellen. Overall, my time in paradise was well-spent.

Rating: 4/5
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