Thursday, March 24, 2016

Have You Ever Visited Grand Central Station?

I had the honor of visiting this grand station in my teens.  It is a historical monument in Manhattan New York.  I took the train from Washington DC to this great station with my family. Let's visit this station again in the 1940s, but more specifically post World War II.  How could this war change the people who entered and exited Grand Central? 


These stories that are shared in Grand Central focus on men and women who served in some capacity in the military during World War II. It also includes those who served state side in their homes.   What could the outcome possibly be?  Each story begins with the reader seeing how the previous story ended. This anthology included authors Melanie Benjamin, Jenna Blum, Amanda Hodgkinson, Pam Jenoff, Sarah Jio, Sarah McCoy, Kristina McMorris, Alyson Richman, Erika Robuck, and Karen White.  How do these stories bring hope and a future for those that experienced the war?

My Thoughts: 

I liked reading this anthology.  I especially liked it because it included some of my favorite authors:  Alyson Richman, Sarah Jio, Karen White, and Melanie Benjamin.  I also read for the first time the stories by Erika Robuck, Kristina McMorris, Pam Jenoff, and Sarah McCoy.

 The one part I had a hard time with is seeing in the next story where the other story ended. I thought it would be more straight forward.   The beginning of the next story goes off in a different direction. Otherwise once I adjusted it was seamless.  Some stories had characters that I could relate with on many levels. 

One of the best is by Erika Robuck who wrote about a woman who had been physically abused by her husband. The tone of the story made you feel what this woman had gone through.  I also found Karen White's story interesting.  I didn't know that we had prisoner of war camps in the United States. 

A book that represented it's cause well!

Rating:  4/5

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