Tuesday, April 11, 2017

I Bet You Didn’t Know This About Hebrews!

I recently committed to do a bible study at the church I have been attending recently in John’s Creek Georgia. I have read passages in Hebrews from the bible, but I had never studied it in a bible study. Lisa Harper's Hebrews THE NEARNESS OF KING JESUS is the first study I have done with her. I gathered with a group of ladies that were also new to the church to begin this short six week bible study.

I have featured other bible study teachers such as: Beth Moore, Elizabeth George, Jen Hatmaker, and Priscilla Shirer. So Lisa’s style is new to me. I found her teaching style to be humorous but also very pointed. The teaching seasons are brief lasting no longer than 30 to 40 minutes at the most. Some other teachers can last longer than that. I am not naming names here but if you have experience with these teachers then you know who I am talking about. The sessions cover various chapters of Hebrews. The structure is that Lisa would teach on in the video session Chapter 1 of Hebrews. Then the homework would be in Chapter 2 of Hebrews.

The homework is short most weeks. The homework starts with her sharing a story with readers. Then a passage of scripture which is followed by a section titled Lean Into Scripture. This section focuses on the actual scriptures that will be focused on in the homework that week. The next section Live the Story Out Loud is where Lisa has four tasks that you can do as part of the homework. There are also articles about Hebrews at the end of the sessions as well. Participants can choose to read them or not. She includes links where the scriptures come from in case a participant wants to go deeper.

My Thoughts:

I enjoyed and learned a lot from this study. I have an enhanced appreciation for the book of Hebrews from the bible. I also learned what the book was trying to communicate to its audience of the time. Lisa is a good teacher and people will find entertaining. My only wish was that I would have had more time with the study. The study guide  is written well with great points and humorous anecdotes.

This is a study worthy of your time. Lisa Harper teaches live in a series by Lifeway  Abundance. Also check out her latest Believing Jesus.