Friday, April 13, 2012

Giving Thanks for Baby by Terri Reed

This is the story of Trista Van Zandt who moves to Chestnut Grove after divorcing her husband. This is a fresh start for the family. She has her brother Ross and his wife Kelly for support and help with her baby. She picks up work as a paralegal at a law firm in town. Her brother Ross is a private investigator and also runs the adoption agency called Tiny Blessings. He runs the business with his wife Kelly who is expecting their first child. While Trista has all this support she doesn't have any friends for support and seeks solace in the kingdom room. A chat room developed by the minister's wife in town.

Then there is Scott Crosby the Assistant Pastor of Chestnut Grove church. He has a heart to serve the people of Chestnut Grove. He is nursing a broken heart from breaking up with his last girlfriend. Scott doesn't believe a woman can accept him for being a pastor. Naomi the Pastor's wife unknowingly signs Pastor Scott up for the kingdom room. Scott sees the e-mails and decides to participate in the kingdom room. He tentatively joins and finds there are other ways to minister to the people of Chestnut Grove. He might meet someone special in the kingdom room.
Perception is the focus of the book. We never know who we might meet. Sometimes how our words and actions affect other people. Terri Reed wrote some very interesting characters. I would also suggest checking out future installments of the Tiny Blessing series.


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