Thursday, November 2, 2017

What Can New Experiences Bring?

Thank you to Kensington Books and Sally Kilpatrick for a copy of Bless Her Heart.  I was given this novel in exchange for an honest review.  I received no financial compensation. 

Posey has been married to Chad for ten years.  All she really wants is a child.   She has put up with some weird requests from Chad.  One day she wakes up to find that he is gone with another woman.  The house is gone and the car repossessed.  What is Posey to do? 

Posey moves back in with her family.  What to do about her life? Now what to do about a job?  She had worked for Chad in Love Ministries as a receptionist.  Her little sister Lark has the answers.  She thinks that Posey should explore the seven deadly sins.   Does Posey feel these experiences are fun or have consequences?   How will it impact the future?

My Thoughts: 

I enjoyed Ms. Kilpatrick’s novel.  I found Posey to be an entertaining character.  She has lots of sass.   Lark added a lot of entertainment value to Posey’s adventures.  The author creates characters that are interesting.  The conflict in this story had me rooting for Posey.  When I first read the synopsis for the novel I thought the story had a different path.  Ms. Kilpatrick writes with great wit.  Her writing makes it a joy to turn the page.

Bless Her Heart is an easy read!  That readers will enjoy!

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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

What is Going On In Cocoa Beach?

Thank you to Harper Collins for a copy of Cocoa Beach by Beatriz Williams in exchange for an honest review.   

Virginia Fitzwilliams receives a cryptic letter from her husband’s lawyer in Cocoa Beach saying that her husband is dead.  She decides to take their daughter on a journey, to find out what happened.  What will she encounter on this journey?  Can this possibly impact her future?  Is her husband really dead?


The other story line in this novel is where Virginia and Simon meet during the Great War.  Virginia is an ambulance driver and Simon a doctor.  Will they become more than friends?

Virginia travels to Cocoa Beach she wants to know what her husband has been up to. Virginia knows that the house burned down that he had especially built for the family, and he owned a shipping business.  The business is currently in the hands of her brother in law her husband’s twin Samuel.  She meets back up with Simon’s sister Clara at the hotel.  Virginia and Clara start investigating what happened to Simon.  What was he really involved with during his time away from his family. Is Virginia in over her head?

My Thoughts: 

I liked the novel!  It is definitely a psychological thriller.  The story is told from Virginia’s point of view (POV).  Simon’s letters to his wife are interspersed throughout the novel.  I struggled with understanding their place in the novel.  Once the reader has finished the novel everything is explained so I don’t want to give anything away.   Beatriz did a great job of keeping the reader guessing on how the novel would turn out.
My heart broke for Virginia and I had a hard time experiencing her story in her POV, in the 1920s timeline.   I found the storyline that is set during the Great War very interesting! 

I have not read some of Beatriz’s other novels and I know they are connected, but I have not shared them yet.  I of course plan too!



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