Sunday, April 8, 2012

Are you an All American Girl?

Meet Samantha Madison an All American Girl. She lives in Washington DC with her family. She has two sisters Lucy and Rebecca. Lucy is the popular sister who is on the cheerleading squad at Adams Prep. She also has a boyfriend Jack who Sam is secretly in love with. Then there is Rebecca who goes to a different school and  is involved with  the talented and gifted program. Lucy finds Samantha's German homework which is full of drawings. Her parents decided that she needs a creative outlet.
So Sam is signed up for Art Classes with Susan Boone. Sam is not wild about this class. She does meet a cute guy. She doesn't have the best experience at her first class and would do anything not to go. So the next class she skips but becomes a hero instead. Her life changes forever. How will Sam deal with the changes? Will she continue drawing? Will there be more from cute guy David?
This book is great for the teen or tween. I did not especially enjoy this book. I don't know that I could relate because I am so much older than the characters. I was reading this book for a book club. I like Meg Cabot but would be more interested in reading something more adult.


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