Saturday, April 14, 2012

Skipping a Beat by Sarah Pekkanen

J ulia and Michael have been married for a longtime. Their lives have become separate over time while pursuing their careers. Then one day Michael gets up to speak in front of his company and opens his mouth to speak. Then suddenly he collapses and is rushed to the local hospital and stabilized. Julia was organizing an event through her company as she attends to details such as arranging cupcakes she receives the phone call that Michael has been rushed to the hospital. While Michael survives he makes decisions that will affect him, Julia, and his company. 

This story explores how to respond to change that not only affects you but others around you. Michael decides within minutes of his recovery to giveaway his company, his house, and his cars. Julia sees red and wonders how all these changes will affect her? Michael asks for three weeks to help Julia evaluate whether she wants to stay in the marriage. We are told this story from Julia’s perspective and at how she responds to Michael and his sudden changes. Will he be able to explain himself? Will Julia accept his changes? How long does Michael have?

Sarah Pekkanen’s second novel is just as good as or better than her first. Sarah weaves a tale of relationship with passion and vision. She uses the emotion of the relationship with Julia and Michael and the flashbacks to explain their conflict. 
I highly recommend this book. 


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