Friday, February 12, 2016


Carl is the winner of the Life is Beautiful  ebook.  Please stay tuned for future giveaways at Writer's Corner.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Liberty & Means: A story about love, money, and a fractured family.

Welcome Kristin Dow to Writer's Corner.  She is sharing her latest novel Liberty and Means

Someone is tracking Shannon Clark, altering the course of her life in a most unexpected, thrilling way. But as the familiar is gradually stripped away, she starts to feel disconnected and doesn’t know who to trust. Family, friends, dating, work...nothing is the same and everything is complicated. Will Shannon learn to embrace her new world filled with golden opportunity or get lost amongst its trappings? She now has the chance to follow her dreams. Trouble is, she doesn’t know what they are.

About the Author
While living out her early twenties in L.A., Kristin Dow started writing screenplays. Then she did the last thing an aspiring screenwriter should do. She left Hollywood. Fiction writing stuck with her, however, and she has completed two novels to date: UNBRIDLED HOLIDAY and LIBERTY & MEANS. Kristin now lives in the Denver area where she is working on her next book.

In her leisure time, she's more likely to hang out in a Colorado brewpub than a coffee shop. She also tries to hike and snow ski whenever possible. 

Please visit Kristin at her Facebook page, Twitter, and Goodreads.

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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Come Visit the Beach House!

Georgia Bockhaven is a new author to me.  I could not resist sharing a novel that involves the beach.  That is what drew me to The Beach House.  It is published by William Morrow Books. 

Julia is getting the beach house ready for one more season of renters.  She hopes it will be her last.   Julia is trying to get over grieving her deceased husband Ken.  Should she keep the house?  As she prepares the house for sale her new neighbor Eric offers assistance.  Can he offer more than friendship?  The families that come offer their own unique stories, when they stay at the beach house. 

My Thoughts:

I liked this novel. I could identify with Julia’s feelings about moving forward after her husband’s death.  I found it interesting how the author structured this novel. Each family is a different part of the novel.  The novel begins and ends with Julia’s story and she is mentioned periodically throughout.   I found some of the families’ stories more interesting than others.   I struggle with storylines that involve death by cancer.   It did make me question whether I wanted to continue reading.

The setting is Santa Cruz California and of course is beautiful!  The timing of the story takes place over one summer. 

Would I read another novel by Georgia Bockhaven?  Yes I would.  She is a great story teller.  Parts of this novel just were not my favorite. 



Please visit Georgia on her Facebook page  and her Website.