Saturday, January 3, 2015

Brush with Love E-Novella by Rachel Hauck

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Friday, January 2, 2015

Highlights of the Best 2014 Reads from Writer's Corner

Each year I end with some of our Favorite Reads from this year. Some of the associates were able to  share their favorites. These books aren’t necessarily published in this year, but in some way or other a favorite.  I hope that you enjoy our selections.  Please join me on Pinterest and check out the books that we are looking forward to in 2015.  Also keep up with me there where I post the authors that I have visited.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Can Writers Walk Down the Aisle?

The next novella in the Zondervan Bridal series is the January Bride by Deborah Raney.  A little hint if you liked a novel The Accidental Bestseller which has appeared at Writer’s Corner then you will love this novel!


Madeline Houser needs to get her next novel written.  Her sister says come to their house oversee the renovations and get your writing done because you can write anywhere.  After spending some time at the  house Maddie is barely able to get work done and wants to have a serious talk with her sister.  Then her neighbor Ginny comes to the rescue.  The she suggests going to this inn to write.  It is owned by a widower who has lost his wife.  Maddie’s first visit inspires inspiration and she finds working there great!  It also helps that the widower leaves her notes.   She also leaves him notes. What will happen when they actually meet?  Could there be another bride going down the aisle?

My Thoughts: 

I am a writer and I love stories that discuss authors in the process of writing their novels.  You would think that might not appeal to me, but it really does.  I could not wait to visit this story each evening to find out what would happen next!  The most major downer was that I sort of knew where the story was going with the bride going down the aisle.  It was still fun to see how the plot of the story progressed. 

Deborah Raney has written other novels that are worth devouring!



Please visit Deborah on her Facebook page, Twitter, and her Website

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Guide That Authors Need to Follow

I attended the Decatur Book Festival this year.  One of the discussions was a panel discussion on Book Reviews.  This panel included professional authors and professional reviewers.  I attended the discussion and asked one question during the Q and A at the end. I also mentioned that I am a Book Review Blogger. One of the reviewers told the people asking questions they needed to come see me and see how I the Book Blogger could help them. 

What these authors really needed is to check out Barb Drozdowich’s book Author’s Guide to working with Book Bloggers.  I unfortunately could not help all those authors who came to see me that day, but Barb can offer some great suggestions. 

This novel is about twelve chapters.  Barb used a survey of all of us Book Bloggers to help give guidance to the authors we are likely to work with.  This survey is included in at the end of the book. 

The main topics covered are: 

How to select a Book Blogger

How to contact a Book Blogger

How to write a Guest Post, Interview, or Promotional post.

How to then promote those posts once up on a Book Blogger’s website.

My advice is it is best to read this book as an ebook because there are some interactive elements.  You can read it as a paperback but you may want to refer to the internet with the websites mentioned in the book.



Please visit Barb on her Facebook page, Twitter, and her Website.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Tyler Chambers: My Life is an Open Book (well, three actually)

Meet Tyler Chambers the main character in Travis Casey’s series, “Tyler’s Trouble Triology.

My author thought it would be funny to stick me in the 1980's. Granted, it was a cool decade but seriously? No cell phones or internet?

Anyway, I was about to get banged up in jail just juvenile stuff really, but the cops lost their sense of humor so Travis made me join the Navy instead of serving time with some guy named Tyrone. Wow! What an adventure that turned out to be! I spent a couple of years in Hawaii but got mixed up with two chicks that had me in a Trouble Triangle. I'm still not sure if it was love or lust, but it really did my head in. So I jumped at the chance when Travis offered to put me on a sea going ship traveling the world little did I know the ship was setting sail into Oceans of Trouble. I would have loved it except the Captain of the ship wanted to lock me up for something I didn't do and some whack job tried to kill me just for fun. You should see what they did to do to me in Singapore. It was a nightmare.

Somehow I managed to survive, so Travis lined me up for another cruise. I was really looking forward to it, but guess what? Some jerk in the book switched my orders and I ended up fixing submarines in Scotland! I mean, of all places.

Without any choice, I packed my bags and headed off to that rain-drenched environment on the other side of the world. I just wanted a simple little plot, but noTravis Casey had other ideas. 

I arrived in Scotland hoping to drink a few beers, have sexual liaisons with a few of the Scottish lasses, and have a few laughs. And I fully intended to follow advice I was given and stay away from fellow co-workers i.e. women on the ship. Besides, the Navy doesn't allow relationships with superior officers and that was just fine with me. I didn't want anything to do with Navy chicks anyway but when I saw my boss, Lt. Darcy Novak, holy smoke! I fought urges, but she fell for my charm regardless. We both knew we were heading for some kind of Forbidden Trouble, but our chemistry was undeniable. And then that damn Charlotte Kemp went to get her claws into me. I had to start spinning lies to protect DarcyI mean Lt. Novak. Things kept going from bad to worse.

I should have just taken the jail time before the first book began and it would have saved a whole heap of time and trouble and I wouldn't have had any of the stress that shook my world in book three. You wouldn't believe what I went through.

I'm not sure what it was all about, but I think they call it love.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

Weekend Wrap-up is where I share what I read this past week, am currently reading, and hope to read this coming week, and (when applicable) the current giveaways/giveaway winners. Occasionally I'll post some other stuff as well. Be sure to follow me on Facebook and Pinterest boards for  Book Deals, Giveaway, posts on Writer's Corner.  

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