Thursday, June 4, 2015

What Would You Do if Opportunity Came Your Way?

Brian Ivie has made films since he was little.  He dreamed of being a director like George Lucas, Stephen Spielberg or Ron Howard.  He and his friends would get together over the summer to remake their favorite films.  These were great memories growing up! 

So in college Brian got to study his passion at the University of Southern California in their prestigious film school.  Life could not get any better right?  Enter his roommate Ted a bigger than life Christian.  He had an enormous influence on Brian, his roommate’s life.  They would attend Campus Crusade for Christ but this did not really have an impact on him.

So what could impact Brian in his walk towards Christ?  A film project that Brian needs to do for school.  What would he focus this film on?  An article in the Los Angeles times caught his attention on a drop box in South Korea.  Soon an idea for the film took shape.  This drop box is used by a Pastor Lee to help unwanted babies.  How could this possibly change Brian’s life?

My Thoughts: 

My mother gave me the copy of the audiobook to listen to of Brian Ivie’s story.  This story was narrated by Brandon Batchelar.  He did a great job narrating this story.  He illustrated the passion of Brian Ivie well and his journey to following Christ. 

Sometimes you never know where the journey might take you.  What is your destiny?  How could God use your experiences to help others?  In the Drop Box a film was used to teach Brian Ivie what a big God can do.  I don’t think that we have seen the end of Brian and his journey.   

What could God do for you?



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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Will it Truly Last!

It is time to share the next novel in the Inn BoonsBoro series by Nora Roberts.  A while ago I shared the first novel in the series The Next Always.  For this review I will be focusing on The Last Boyfriend which is the second novel in the series. 


Owen Montgomery is the second oldest brother and is the details man in the Montgomery construction business.  He makes sure everything is covered down to the last permit.  He meticulously plans his moves in both business and life.  While he knows Avery McTavish well he hasn’t always seen her as anything more than a friend since childhood.  Avery is getting impatient at getting the one boyfriend she has always wanted to notice and make a move. How long will she wait?  What will Owen decide?  What will happen when Avery’s long lost mother shows up?  Will the inn finish in time for the big opening?

My Thoughts: 

I found this novel thoroughly entertaining!  It is a romance novel so there is a certain amount of predictability to the story.  The characters are what drive the novel, and make it more enjoyable.  The way Nora Roberts comes up with her character and especially the character of Owen made me laugh.  The easy acceptance of the other characters made for great comical relief.

I also enjoyed watching the progress of the Inn shape up in BoonsBoro.  I hope someday to see the real Inn and visit Turn the Page bookstore.  I listened to the Mr. Andrews narration and very much enjoyed it.



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Monday, June 1, 2015

The Doctor Will See You Now. by Tina Guyden

Bedside Manners is the second book in The Breakup Doctor Series by Phoebe Fox. Thank you to the author and Henery Press for an advanced readers copy in exchange for an honest review.  Bedside Manners is the continuing story of Brook Ogden, Breakup Doctor. Her continuing  journey of helping to heal the broken-hearted. Is she able to handle her own breakup dilemmas, or is she a prime example of ‘those who can’t do teach’?


 Brook Ogden’s continuing quest to help people navigate breakups. Her services run the gamut from going over the million and one reasons the relationship did not work out, confiscating cell phones and computers, and with the occasional supportive stalking thrown in for special cases. As she becomes more popular, she decides to add group sessions to her plate. At the same time, she is juggling her own relationships. She has a boyfriend, Ben, who understands the time necessary to nurture her clients. He may not be as understanding if he knew that one of her clients wants to be more than therapist/client with Brook. Her parents may or may not be breaking up. Her best friend is dating her brother. With all of this going on, lines get blurred. Is she helping her group participants work through their own relationship post mortems? Or is she finally acknowledging that she has quite the baggage to deal with on her own?  

My Thoughts:

Reading The Breakup Doctor is not required to read Bedside Manners, but I highly recommend doing so because both books were such fun to read! I love when the main character gets more and more comfortable in her skin. Brook is funny, usually unintentionally, smart, and just on the cusp of making all the pieces of her life fit. Her discovery that she is just like the people she helps makes her even more likeable. I loved Bedside Manners, and cannot wait to see what happens with Brook and company next!



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