Sunday, April 8, 2012

Love the One Your With by Emily Giffin

*       Ellen Graham is married to Andy Graham. She runs into an ex-boyfriend out of the blue one day. She then remembers that she never really felt closure in their relationship. She is left with a choice that could have  extreme results. Her friend Margot is Andy's sister who feels the choice is simple choose her brother. She tries to help Ellen make the right choice but is it really? Have you ever had a friend who meant well trying to help you make a decision? Then the result being you never really were able to find the closure you needed? Then there is Ellen's Sister Suzanne who has her own relationship issues which probably gives her the best advice. She in a way is closer to Ellen than anyone else because of family. She stands by her sister while she has dealt with lose and new beginnings.    

I liked this book but it was not my favorite. The book is well written. I felt like I could identify with Ellen in some ways especially when she describes her experience with the move to Atlanta. I live in the Atlanta area myself. It is hard to find your place and feel like you can live there. Although I would never cheat on my husband; I would hope that I would have closure in my relationships. I look forward to reading Emily's next book.


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