Sunday, June 10, 2012

Alexandrea Weis Explores Her Artisitic Side in To My Senses

This novel also appeared in the Stonecrest Library International Chick Lit Month Program.  Thank you to Alexandrea Weis for her donation.


We first meet Nicole Beauvoir (Nicci) as a nursing student getting prepared to go into the medical field.  She is also surrounded by her loving if not dysfunctional family her dad, her Uncle Lance, Aunt Hattie, and Cousin Colleen.  Her father owns the family business of Beauvoir Scrap but has often had skirmishes with his enemy Sammy Fallon.  What does Sammy have planned next?   Nicci At this party she meets David who has somewhat of a sinister past.   As Nicci pursues her relationship with David questions continue to mount about who he is?  Will their relationship survive?

My Thoughts:

This novel is the first in the Nicole Beauvoir series.  I thought that this novel is a great start to the series.   You are fully introduced to the family and their humorous side.  The author is great at telling a story.  The plot is great!  One aspect of her novels I have greatly appreciated is; the plotting of her stories.  There is more to the Nicole Beauvoir series and the end is not really the end.

David encourages Nicci throughout the book to pursue her passions.  For me my passions are writing, reading, and cooking.   What else would be something that you would want to explore?  Do you feel that David is right to ask Nicci to explore her artistic side?



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