Friday, March 8, 2013

Are You Ready To Network?

Everyone Worth Knowing is Lauren Weisberger’s second novel.  Is it as good as the first one?


Bette Robinson has been slaving away at her job as an investment banker for five years.   She can’t stand her job and is thrilled to put in her two weeks notice, and enjoys her free time.  Bette has more time for her friend Penelope and her Uncle Will.  One night she agrees to meet Will for a dinner to promote his book where she meets Kelly from Kelly and Associates.   Kelly offers her a job as a party planner which takes Bette into a whole new world.  But is it a world she wants to be in?  Bette also runs into an old college classmate Abby who happens to know her every move she makes.   Will this help or hurt Bette’s new job?

My Thoughts:

I am a huge fan of Lauren’s work.  I felt that his novel was enjoyable for me.    Lauren is great about writing about characters that show growth throughout the novel.   This time she enters the world of PR and Event planning.  I admit I learned a lot from 
reading about the details of these parties.  I don’t know that this is the job for me. 

I read this novel the first time through and really enjoyed it.  I listened to the audio book the second time around.   While I still enjoyed the book very much, I didn’t enjoy the abridgement of the book.  The abridged versions of audio books can tend to leave out pieces of the story that are entertaining or make it that much more enjoyable.   I loved Eliza Dushku’s narration.



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