Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Oh What Could Happen with the After Wife?

This is my first Gigi Levangie Grazer novel.  Thank you for sending it to me. The After Wife is her most recent novel. 

Product DetailsSynopsis:

Hannah Bernal loves life, loves her husband, and their daughter.   One morning John leaves to run an errand but does not come back.  Hannah is in shock and immediately calls the Grief Team.   They are her friends which consist of her superior Jay, Chloe the blogger, and Aimee the middle aged actress.  They are always at her side ready to offer advice and drama.  Hannah loves and depends on her team but she also has developed a special talent.   Where will Hannah’s life turn?   Will she survive her husband’s death?

My Thoughts:

This novel is sad.  In this novel the main character is devastated with grief.   I thought the characters were very interesting and unique.  I did find it humorous to read about the antics of the Grief Team.    The author writes about a side of LA I have never known.  I liked this novel and was very interested to see how it turned out.   There is a little more to the title After Wife.  Hannah develops a new talent which involves helping people through different situations.  

The Grief team concept was very interesting to me.  Who would be on yours?  What you do you think you would do? 



Monday, November 26, 2012

Promises to Keep by Jane Green

This novel is the February selection for Chick Lit and Other Fiction.  Theme for February is Breast Cancer Awareness.  When we made the selections for the poll for the group, I wanted one book that would reflect an actual experience of breast cancer.  I feel that I got that and more…


We are first introduced to Steffi the Vegan chef who is cooking chili for her sister’s birthday.  Callie’s birthday celebration is more than just the passage of time.  It is also a celebration of her survival of breast cancer.   Callie is a fun loving person who loves everyone and shares her love with anyone she is near.  Her support includes her husband Reece, her mother Honor, and her best friend Lila.  Callie starts complaining about headaches but refuses to go to the doctor.  One day she is out with her sister and mother and  a tragedy occurs.  Callie is encouraged to take her headaches more seriously.  Will the news be positive?  How will this illness affect the ones she loves?

My Thoughts:

I felt that this novel by Jane Green is one of the best she has ever written.  I felt the plot kept me interested the entire book.  I loved the aspect that Steffi is a chef and there was some description of cooking.  I also loved the recipes that are included throughout the book.  I went to see Jane initially when she was on tour for this novel.  I remembered her describing her friend Heidi and  how she inspired the book.

Jane wanted to write to honor her friend Heidi who died from breast cancer.  I think she did a great job!   I had tears in my eyes in different places in this book.    The theme of breast cancer has its joys and its sorrows.  I felt that both were conveyed in this novel.  We are influenced by the people we love and at times one should ask themselves what their legacy is going to be?

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