Tuesday, June 25, 2019

I Know a Secret!

Are you ready for one juicy tale?  I promise to take you to Nantucket where there are some nice beaches.  You might also learn a little about the culture of Nantucket.  Then you might meet the people, and it only takes one to spread a rumor!  The Rumor by Elin Hilderbrand shares what a big impact small secrets can have on one community.

“Nantucket writer Madeline King has a new novel coming out, and it's got best seller potential. But Madeline is terrified, because in her desperation to revive her career she's done something reckless: reveal the truth behind an actual affair involving her best friend, Grace. And that's not the only strain on Madeline and Grace's friendship. One fateful night the two women argue, voicing jealousies and resentments that have built for 20 years. Bereft of each other, they get caught in the snares of a mysterious and destructive stranger.”(Amazon)
My Thoughts:
I liked this novel.  It was not one of my favorites by this author.  I thought the author did well communicating how gossip plays havoc with people’s lives.  It was illustrated well by the characters  Grace and Madeline’s relationship.  It is shocking to me sometimes what people will believe without knowing all the facts.  The novel is entertaining and of course if chronicles well the Nantucket summer.  I loved how the author wrapped up the novel having some of the characters make different choices that would ultimately make them happier in the end.  I listened to this novel in audibles and thought it was narrated well. 
Purchase a copy of The Summer of 69 here.