Thursday, December 17, 2015

How Important is Passion?

Astonish Me!  Is the second novel by New York Times Bestselling author Maggie Shipstead.  For this novel she mostly focuses on dance; ballet to be more precise.  The Nutcracker is a famous ballet that is performed every Christmas which makes this book a perfect holiday read!


Joan and Jacob have known one another since high school.  Each are equally driven by their careers. Joan pursues ballet and Jacob pursues education.  While they stay in touch by letters, Joan is happy to continue with her career until something drastic happens.  She meets world famous ballet dancer Arslan and has a relationship with him.  Is there a future or will she turn to her old friend Jacob? Joan becomes pregnant and produces a son  Harry.   He becomes friends with his neighbor Chloe and wants a relationship.  Will dance help  him pursue both Chloe and his future?  What happens when the truth comes out about Harry’s real father?

My Thoughts: 

I love dance!  It is my favorite form of exercise.  I liked Astonish Me! By Maggie Shipstead.  The novel didn’t keep my interest throughout.   The book was researched well.  I read that the author spent time in Paris researching the subject of ballet.  Many authors use various forms of the internet for research as well.  The plot is character driven and told by the many characters in the novel. 

It asks the question do you have what it takes to pursue your passion?

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Wednesday, December 16, 2015


Zoe Zimmerman wants a new start. So she does the logical thing: she moves to New York City. But when a man from her past finds her—and a lump in her breast—Zoe realizes that troubles can follow you no matter where you go and that you have to roll with the punches.

Thankfully, Zoe knows how to do just that. When she finds a rat in her new apartment, she doesn’t freak out—she figures out that he prefers Swiss cheese to mozzarella. And when the woman who offered her a job dies suddenly and Zoe finds herself a suspect in the murder investigation, she vows to frame whoever is trying to frame her. 

With humor and spunk, "From A to Zoe" chronicles the adventures of one woman just trying to make it in New York. Whether she’s taking a taxi-driving lover from Guadeloupe, battling cancer, or solving the murder she’s being blamed for, Zoe doesn’t back down from the opportunities or challenges of modern life.

Take the mystery-solving pluckiness of Janet Evanovich’s characters, add a good dose of David-Sedaris-style humor, and you get Zoe Zimmerman, one of the most memorable personalities out there.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Did He Really Do it?

I had the honor of meeting Kimberly Belle about a year ago at her signing in Buckhead.  She then featured her debut novel The Last Breath, which is published by Harlequin.  Would it be a good holiday read?  This is a story that asks the question did he really do it.


Gia is coming home to take care of her dying father.  Her father who has recently been released from prison as her uncle Cal works on the appeal.  The case is the murder of his wife Ella May.   Gia comes home to take responsibility of his care, but where are her siblings Beau and Lexie?  They both still live in the same town, but have failed to show up to help.  Gia and Lexie meet one evening at Road Kill a local watering hole and meet the bartender Jake.  He definitely has a thing for Gia.  While this story is going on we also learn about Ella May and what happened to lead to her death.  Did Ella May’s husband really kill her?  Or was it the neighbor she had an affair with?  Will the siblings be able to make their peace?

My Thoughts: 

I almost want to say that I liked The Last Breath more than The Ones We Trust.  Both are good stories!  I listened to this one which was narrated by Mary Robinette Kowal with the current story and Janet Metzgar who narrated the Ella May story.  They kept the story interesting for me.  This contributed to the plot because I liked how Gia doubted that her father had killed her stepmother.  I thought it refreshing the way Ms. Belle kept us guessing as to what really happened. 

I wasn’t as fond of the narration by Mary Robinette Kowal but was able to adjust over time.  I have heard through the grape vine that Kimberly has finished her next novel! 
I can’t wait to share it!



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Monday, December 14, 2015

A Story of Like: A Decidedly Unromantic Romance Novel Author: Courtney Clark

Author Courtney Clark is visiting us at Writer's Corner today to share her novel.  This is her debut.  She writes romantic comedy with a flair for sarcasm to create the enjoyable novel.

Who could resist? 

Meet Addison Anderson. Although Addy is happy with her life—she has a job she loves, family and friends who support her, and her very own sidekicks in her neurotic Superdog named Lola and a nefarious looking cat named Moustachio—she’s missing the one thing that every girl wants, a plus one to couple's game night. Enter Charlie. Not exactly the man of her romantic fantasies, Addy is quick to put him in the friend zone, but as he rapidly becomes an invaluable part of her life, Addy must make a big decision: which is more important, that elusive spark or someone to share her life with? Join Addy on her comic voyage as she discovers that not every story is a story of love, sometimes it's a story of like. 

Author Bio: Besides aspiring to use wit and, yes, sometimes sarcastic comments to write comedy gold, Courtney Clark is a proud pet parent to two awesomely neurotic dogs, a book nerd, a tattoo enthusiast, and her parents' favorite child (just don't tell her brother that).

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