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Jencey Gortney is Writer/Editor for Writer’s Corner.  She has also been published by Chicklitclub, Chick Lit Central, and DeKalb County Library on their blog. A top reviewer for Amazon, and in the top 1% on Goodreads.com.   She strives to provide positive and constructive reviews for authors in the literary field.  Also somewhere in her spare time there is a manuscript of her own waiting for attention.   She loves to attend Book Events in the local Atlanta area and visit some of the local authors.

 Review Alumni:

Celeste Thomas

Alicia Kouciba 

Tina Guyden

Josephine Mattia



  1. Hi -- I'm Catherine Palmer. I received an email in late January from our mutual friend, Yolanda. She said you were interested in meeting me to connect with your group. I'm the author of 57 novels, mostly Christian fiction. I am now the director of the Refugee Sewing Society in Clarkston. I would be happy to meet you. Please contact me through our website at refugeesewingsociety.com. Thanks!

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