Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Treasure of the Heart by Valerie Hanson

Have you ever wanted to make a change in your life such as a change in career? Maybe a city? James and Lillie both come to Gumption Arkansas to start over. Lillie goes home to her grandma Darla Sue and to help her run the diner. Darla Sue has left the diner run down and she needs to find out why. James changes careers from what he was doing in the north and becomes a pastor. In fact he is the new pastor for the Front Porch Christian church. He hasn't gone over well with the locals because he rides around on his harley. James and Lillie meet for the first time when he is calling on her Grandma Darla Sue. James wants to know why she won't come to church anymore. Lillie solves the mystery for why she won't go to church and start attending Front Porch Christian church and back to the diner. As a result Lillie sees a lot of James and the gossip increases. Since they are seen together so much; James and Lillie pretend to be a couple. Will they become a true couple? Will Darla Sue get the diner back on track?
I liked the book. It is very easy to read. I feel you all might enjoy this book. I am not a fan of the extremely small novels. 



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