Saturday, January 5, 2013

Can We Fill Someone Else’s Shoes?

In Her Shoes
One of Jennifer Weiner’s earlier novels In Her Shoes explores the roles in a sister’s relationship.  For example which sister is successful and which is not?  How do families play a role in this relationship?


Maggie has always struggled to live up to her sister Rose the lawyer.  We first meet Maggie at a bar where her sister Rose has to come again to rescue her.   Someone in Maggie’s family comes to her rescue often, either Rose or their father.  Rose tries to deliver to her dad’s house, but is turned away.  Maggie comes to live with Rose.  Will things ever be the same?   One night Rose comes home from work and finds Maggie with her boyfriend in bed.   Rose throws everyone out and starts on a new direction for her life.  What will happen to Maggie?  What will Roses new direction reveal about her life?

My Thoughts:

This is my second time reading this novel.  I listened to the audio version  which is abridged.   I was disappointed with the abridgment because it left out many of my favorite moments in this novel.   Some of my favorite moments are Maggie’s time at Princeton which is mentioned but not in as much detail.   Rose attending a party in her honor which her step mother hosted.    Rose gets revenge and creates a very hilarious moment.  Maggie learns to grow when coming to visit Ella.

This novel will stay in my library for a long time.  I have come to greatly appreciate both Maggie and Rose.  Some copies of this novel have an interview with the author which is what made me appreciate her writing.   I look forward to my next Jennifer Weiner novel.

Please visit Jennifer’s Facebook page, twitter, and her website.



Finding Hope within Jerusalem!

The final leg of the journey in the Zion series takes us to ancient Jerusalem.  Jerusalem Hope is the final book in the Zion Chronicles series:
Jerusalem's Hope (The Zion Legacy, Book VI) 

Moshe is sent to study some scrolls in the ancient temple in Jerusalem.   The scroll contains a story about ancient Jerusalem during the reign of Rome.  Pontius Pilate is governor of the area and has sent Marcus the centurion  to oversee the water aqueduct that is being built for Jerusalem’s benefit.   The people in Jerusalem are against this aqueduct because of use of the Korban money (used to support the temple in Jerusalem).   Nakdamion is on the Sanhedrin council but was asked to research the claims of Yeshua and whether they are true or not?  He meets three orphans Emet, Avel, and H-or Tov who are sent to Zadok.   They have a special message for him.   Will the events that are about to occur keep them from giving Zadok the message?  Will events escalate with the aqueduct?

My Thoughts:

 I felt this book was okay and kept my interest.  I did read it a little out of order in the series.  This story takes place in ancient past.  I would recommend using this series to study for daily quiet time study.   The authors of this series are known for seamlessly going from one series to the next.   This whole series is to prepare you for the one of their current series The AD Chronicles.    Once you have read this book you will understand the purpose of The AD Chronicles.

What would you do to protect what you believe?  Would you step out in faith to deliver a message?  Would you go against authorities to follow God’s calling?  These are the questions asked in Jerusalem’s Hope.

Please let Brock and Bodie Thoene know your thoughts and they would love to hear from you.  Please contact them on Facebook or their website.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Clearing Shelves Giveaway Blog Hop

It is time to do a little spring cleaning at Writer’s Corner.   I am offering three books with some author swag.  The prizes are Paris in Love by Eloisa James, The Chaperone by Laura Morairty, and Crystal Gardens by Amanda Quick.
Here is a little about each book:

Crystal Gardens: 

Evangeline Ames came to Little Dixby for rest and relaxation so she could focus on her writing career.   She is taking a break from her regular job as a paid companion working for the Lantern Street Agency. Little did she know that her life would be in danger from a previous case?  Lucas Sebastian has also come to Little Dixby on a different matter to investigate the death of his uncle Chester.  They become involved in an investigation in a case of murder and attempted murder.   Will Lucas accept the help of Ms. Ames and her associates?  There is also this garden that has supernatural energy that hides many secrets.  Can Lucas untangle the secrets of the garden?

Paris in Love:

Eloisa and her family which includes her husband Alessandro and their two children Luca and Anna decide to move to Paris for a year.   Alessandro takes a sabbatical from his work as a college professor and is Italian.   He has family in Italy so they go off to visit them first and then make the drive to Paris.  This journey is narrated by Eloisa James.

Eloisa narrates the story of that year through essays on fashion and French food to short snippets throughout each chapter.   You get a picture of what it is like to live in Paris with children.  She is also very descriptive of the beautiful setting of the city and the many activities to do.

The Chaperone: 

Cora makes the decision to accompany young Louise Brooks on her upcoming journey to New York as her chaperone.  Is she prepared for Louise’s larger than life personality?  Cora also has another reason for going to New York to find out more about her family.  Will she find more than she bargained for in her search?  Cora’s sense of value and propriety are often lost on Louise who causes conflict in their relationship.  Will the two be able to get along in New York or will it be a short trip?

To enter the hop please leave your e-mail below.  You can do something like this:  jenceyg at gmail dot com.  I just need a way to contact you when I announce the winner.  This giveaway is open to US only.

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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Climbing Higher with Emily Colin

The Memory Thief: A Novel

Thank you Emily Colin and Librarything for sending me a copy of this novel The Memory Thief.  Emily is a debut author with a wonderful novel!


Maddie warns her husband Aidan that he shouldn’t go on this latest climb.   There might be severe consequences.   Aidan chooses to go on the climb anyway.  While on the climb something happens.  Over in another part of the country Nicholas is recovering from a car accident, but does not remember anything.  Nicholas wakes up  with someone else’s memories.   Maddie and Nicholas both have premonitions about what happened to Aidan.   Are there any attachments between Nick and Maddie?   Will Maddie survive her latest trial?

My Thoughts:

I enjoyed this novel!   I thought the characters are very life like.  I also felt the sadness that Maddie, Gabe, and JC experienced.   The story had so many twists and turns that I was actually surprised  the way it ended.  The only  aspect of this novel is the numerous intimate scenes within this novel.   I feel that a story can be told without having so much of it.   Overall a very creative and descriptive novel.  I look forward for more from this author.

What would you do if you woke up with memories that weren’t yours?  Would you be freaked out?   Wonder what might have happened?  Or could there be a supernatural element?  The author uses a supernatural emphasis throughout this novel.  

Please stop by and visit Emily at Facebook, Twitter, and her website.