Saturday, April 14, 2012

Keeping the House by Ellen Baker

Keeping the house  focuses on two families the Magnusons and the Mickelsons. The Magnuson's have just moved to Pine Rapids Wisconsin. Byron has gone into business with an old war buddy Roy selling cars. His wife Dolly is left do what a wife is supposed to do in the 1950s keep house and go to various charity meetings.
Dolly is invited to join the Ladies' Aid and gains membership. The Ladies' Aid is led by Mrs. Fryett who has lived across the street from John and Wilma Mickelson all her life. At one of the meetings the ladies start to discuss the Mickelson family. Dolly is very interested in their story and falls in love with their house. She has grand plans for the house as a possible future home for her and Byron. She at first sneaks in and starts to clean the house. Byron only knows that this is something that Dolly has volunteered for at the church.
Dolly starts making daily journeys over there between her Ladies' Aid meetings. One day when she sneaks in she meets JJ Mickelson who has come to crash at his grandmother's place for a while. Dolly has to come up with a story about why she is there. JJ doesn't really care why she is there and shares more of his family's story. After finally hearing the whole story Dolly comes to a conclusion about the house. Will she be able to share it with Byron? Will Byron finally understand Dolly's fascination with the house?
I liked this book. I found it a little slow to begin with. I do highly recommend this book. 



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