Saturday, July 6, 2013

Visit with Curtis Sittenfield

Curtis Sittenfield visited the Georgia Center for the Book last Monday.  Her new novel is Sisterland.   In recent years she and her husband had moved to the St. Louis area.  When she was looking for an idea for the next novel i.e. Sisterland.  She heard about an earthquake that would happen in the St. Louis area around the turn of the 21 century.   (I used to live there and I think only experienced one.)   A little summary of the novel is that one of the sister’s will make a prediction that affects the other.    Stay tuned at Writer’s Corner for more on Sisterland.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Join in and Shine with Louise Bagshawe

Glamour is the story of three women who come to together to start a business that becomes wildly successful.  This novel is a very enjoyable read!


Jane, Haya, and Sally all meet at Ms. Milton’s school for girls.  They seem to stand out from the rest of the girls as being different.  Sally is a billionaire’s daughter who befriends the other two.  Jane is the daughter of the ambassador to United States from Great Britain.  Haya’s family has recently moved to the USA from Jordan.  They are an unlikely group.  One day they decide to throw the party to end all parties.  Little do they know what will happen next…?  In one day the girls are separated and go their separate paths due to circumstances.    By chance Haya runs into Sally in California and they along with Jane come up with the idea for the shop Glamour.  Will it be a success?

My Thoughts:

This is my second Louise Bagshawe novel.  I liked her previous novel Sparkles.   I loved Glamour!  I found the characters totally engrossing.  The way that each woman's story is told is so unique.   The uniqueness of each character is what contributed to the building their business Glamour.  The only part of the novel that I didn’t love was the beginning when the flashback occurs at Ms. Milton’s school.  The story seemed a little slow, but picked up the pace through the rest of the novel.

In this novel each character has a special skill.  Jane’s skill is business and developing a corporation.  Sally’s skill is Glamour.  She knows how to present it and sell.  Haya’s skill is the financial end of the business.  I thought how these characters growth developed through the novel was great!  I craved more of their story.  What would you do to start a business of your own?

Visit Louise Bagshawe at her  website.