Friday, August 31, 2012

Inspirational Romance: From This Day Forward by Irene Hannon

I read this book for the Red Dress Ink Challenge.   I have not been disappointed yet by an Irene Hannon novel.


Cara Martin has suffered through a traumatic event.   The event is so traumatic her best friend Liz calls her estranged husband Sam a doctor for help.  He and Cara have had their own problems in the past.   Liz calls Sam to see if he can help Cara to heal but with some reservations in regards to the past.  Will Cara and Sam both be able to heal and put the past behind them?

My Thoughts:

I am not a fan of the short story.  I find myself putting books like this off in favor of the long novel.  I very much enjoyed this story.   The book was a quick read and very enjoyable.   I look forward to reading more by Irene Hannon.