Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Perception is a State of Mind with Mary Kubica

Thank you to Parker Row Books for a copy of Every Last Lie.  I was given this copy in exchange for an honest review.

Mary Kubica is known for getting inside her characters and creating the right amount of tension to make the story flow.  In Every Last Lie she explores what happens when a family loses a loved one and how that impacts those around them.   So what journey will she take her readers on in this novel?


Clara last sees her Nick husband as he offers to pick up their daughter from ballet and get dinner.  Later that same day Clara is still waiting for dinner to arrive for her and the infant son, but receives the police instead.  They direct her to the hospital where she finds out that her husband is dead but their daughter Maisie has survived the crash.  Once home from the hospital Maisie starts having night terrors which are so bad she locks herself in the bathroom.  Clara wants to ignore the bills and the well-wishers that drop by, but something does not seem right; about Nick’s death.  She starts to believe that maybe there is something that the police aren’t telling her.  Maybe there is a bad man like Maisie says that caused her daddy’s death.  Could this bad man have killed her husband?  Who is the secret man who seems to appear it odd times around the house?

My Thoughts:

I am not a huge fan of psychological thrillers, but Mary Kubica always finds a way to draw me into one of her stories. I look forward to seeing her grow as a writer.  I loved how she split the story with Clara’s story being in the present.  Nick’s story is in the past leading to the present.  The audiobook was narrated well with both narrators representing Nick and Clara well in character.   For me it is sometimes hard to love a psychological thriller because so much of the action takes place inside the character’s head. I had hoped for a different outcome to the story.

Mary Kubica still tells fascinating stories!



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