Sunday, April 8, 2012

Book Review Size 12 Is Not Fat by Meg Cabot

Meet Heather Wells a former teen rock star who has had some changes in her life. She has recently broken off her engagement with Jordan Cartwright a famous rock star in the Easy Street band. Then her mother runs off with all her money from her career with her manager. She is also let go from Cartwright records because of the weight gain. She constantly says throughout the book "Size 12 is not fat!"

Heather takes a job at New York College at Fischer Hall where she is the new assistant director of the residence hall. After six months she can get what she really wants an education and then maybe the attention of Cooper Cartwright the private investigator and brother to Jordan. Heather has a second job working for him doing the payroll and processing the bills. She also gets free room and board at Fischer Hall. 

Since starting the job she is reminded of her predecessor and envious of her boss Rachel. She is constantly given grief by the student workers about their previous supervisor and how wonderful she is. Then two girls are found dead at Fischer hall. The deaths are ruled accidental but Heather thinks otherwise. Will she solve the mystery?

I read the book but was not impressed. I thought that Heather Wells was a very shallow character but maybe she was written that way. Her former career as a rock star might make her selfish and shallow. I didn't find this book very interesting at all.



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