Thursday, July 2, 2015

Does Grace Mean Forgiveness?

I stumbled across this novel Stardust Summer by Lauren Clark recently. Now is the perfect time to share it.  This novel is on my Beach Read list of 2015. I hope it will also be on yours!


Grace and Evan make their home in Mississippi, but her father and step mother live in New York.   She receives an invite to a dedication of a library at her father’s university where he is the president.  She is not about to go and forget the past.  Then the unthinkable happens her father dies and Grace must make the trip after all to New York to deal both the death of her father and her relationship stepmother.  Then there is 
Doctor Ryan who lets work become his life, but has a special relationship with both of Grace’s parents.  Will Grace discover healing with her family and be able to let go of the past?  Will Ryan be able to look beyond his work? 

My Thoughts: 

Lauren Clark is a favorite author of mine.  I very much enjoyed this novel.   The symbolism used to propel the story forward with the use of Grace’s name and the discussion of forgiveness.  What does grace truly mean?  How could it apply to the character Grace being open to a new future? 

She really let the characters tell their stories in this novel which added depth and made the plot interesting.  This novel is an easy read which will keep you flipping the pages to the end. 


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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Can You Save Me?

Thank you to Hachette for sending me a copy of Save Me by Kristyn Kusek Lewis in exchange for an honest review.  I have really wanted to read one of this author’s r novels. A great beach read for sure!


Daphne and Evan have the perfect marriage.  They have known each other since they were kids.  So when they run into each other during their residences in Durham what could be better?  Is it really loved at first sight?  Daphne thinks so until she receives a startling announcement from her husband that he has had an affair, in the present.  Daphne decides to take a road trip home only to find out that his mistress has been in an accident and she is being called upon to save her.  Will she be able to save her or does she want to?  Will her marriage be worth saving in the end?

My Thoughts: 

I did enjoy the story.  I found it to be thought provoking.  What choice would Daphne make and why.  The author did a great job of leading the reader through this maze to get to the ending.  My question became was it worth it in the end?   There were many twists and turns in the story but sometimes made me feel flat and, not interested in moving forward towards the end of the story.  I did love the complexity of the story where the author used symbolism to propel Daphne forward to make that next choice. 



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