Saturday, May 4, 2013

Join Catherine McKenzie for the Opportunity of a Lifetime!

Catherine McKenzie and William Morrow have donated three copies of Spin for the giveaway at Stonecrest.  Thank you so much.  I look forward to sharing her debut novel. 


Katie has been having fun and partying since college. Oh and did I mention that she is nearing her thirtieth birthday.  On this most important day Katie gets great news a Writer position at the Line and they want to interview her.  Best friend Greer asks her to come out and party to celebrate.  Katie goes thinking she will have just one drink.  All of the sudden the next morning arrives and it is fifteen minutes before her interview.  Will she make it?   The interview doesn’t go as planned.  Katie thinks that she has lost her dream job.  A phone call from the office of The Line comes asking for her to possibly work for the Line.  All she has to do is go to rehab and get the goods on this famous actress TGND.  Will Katie admit she has a problem?  Will she be able to carry out the task?

My Thoughts: 

I have developed a great appreciation for Catherine McKenzie’s writing.   Spin was not my favorite of her novels.   I liked the way the story started kind of rough around the edges.   I had a hard time loving Kate’s character in the beginning.  She sort of grew on my as the novel progressed.    I did find the art of denial with the characters in rehab rather interesting in the since that this was more a prison which they wanted to get out of. The characters are full of humor.  A great story with an unexpected ending!



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Friday, May 3, 2013

What Could You Forget?

Emma asks herself that question in Catherine McKenzie’s latest novel Forgotten.  Thank you to Catherine and William Morrow for sending this novel.

Product Details 
What would you do if all of the sudden circumstances take a drastic turn in your life?  Emma Tupper tries to answer these questions after coming back from a trip to Africa that lasted longer than she thought it would.   Once back from the airport she heads to her apartment to find out that the key does not work in the lock to her door.    She goes to visit her neighbor who isn’t home, but a handsome stranger helps her out.  It just so happens that this stranger happens to live in her apartment.  How could this be?  Then Emma finds out the worst news that she is considered missing presumed dead because the Africa trip to so long.  Will her life ever be the same?

My Thoughts:

I cannot tell you how much I loved this novel!   I didn’t know if I would be interested initially.  I thought this novel would be about Emma’s trip to Africa and in a way it is.  You learn a little about Emma’s trip throughout the book.  Also the reason she took so long coming back.   Emma is a very multifaceted character.  She wears many hats:  lawyer, daughter, girlfriend, and best friend.   I found the story interesting how these roles changed some after her trip.   The characters of Craig, Sophie, and Stephanie are flushed out a little more as the novel progresses with some startling results.  All of these factors together made for an extremely interesting read. 

Catherine has a new novel coming out soon Hidden.  I know that this will be worth the read.  Please contact her on Facebook  and her website.

You can also win a copy of this book at Stonecrest Library on May 18th.



Thursday, May 2, 2013

Are You Ready to Take a Vacation?

Have you ever wanted to travel to Europe see the sights?  Marilyn Brant gives us this opportunity in A Summer in Europe.
A Summer In Europe 

Gwen’s birthday is coming up and she is expecting great gifts.  The day involves lunch with her boyfriend Richard and dinner with her Aunt Bea and the Sudoku and Mahjong club.   She is at the restaurant waiting excitedly for the ring from her boyfriend, but instead she gets a pair of earrings with a promise to consider a proposal in the future.   Gwen leaves to go to her aunt’s for the birthday dinner with the club.   They eat and then present her with her gift a trip to Europe.   Gwen is surprised!  Will she survive leaving her comfortable surroundings in Dubuque Iowa?  Will her relationship with Richard last?

My Thoughts:

I liked this book a great deal.  Who doesn’t love taking a trip to Europe?  I thought the plot was great for this book.    The idea of taking someone so limited as Gwen and exposing her to new possibilities.  I love the growth of Gwen throughout the book.  I could sympathize with her feelings about traveling with the S and M club.   I did find the book a little slow at times.

If you could dream of a great vacation? Where would you go?  In this journey Gwen and Aunt Bea visited Italy, France, Austria, England, and Hungary.  Which would be your favorite to visit?

If you would like to visit these countries?  Then Marilyn is giving away a Summer in Europe gift basket with a signed copy of the book, t-shirt, and movie.  This is a giveaway at Stonecrest Library.

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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Visit With that Anne Girl in Arranged

ArrangedInternational Chick Lit Month Book 1.  Catherine Mckenzie has donated copies of her latest novels.  Here is the first Arranged.  She has also included both Spin and Forgotten.  You can win copies of each of these novels at Stonecrest Library in May 18th.


Anne seems to fall in and out of relationships while she watches others find success.   Her best friend Sarah is recently engaged and her brother Gilbert has a great family.   Anne ponders what she can do to change her luck and then she finds a business card for Blythe and Company.   What does Blythe and Company do?  They arrange marriages.  What will Anne find and will it be the love of her life?

My Thoughts:

Other people have highly recommended Catherine Mckenzie.   I won her book through  I really enjoyed the book and couldn’t put it down.  I stayed up late to read about ninety pages last.  I had to find out how it ended.

Catherine is stopping by to share her thoughts on Anne Shirley and Anne Blythe and their relationship to Arranged.

Catherine McKenzie's profile photoARRANGED is about a woman who uses an arranged marriage service, and the main character is named Anne Shirley Blythe after the protagonist in the Anne of Green Gables books. Her mother has always been obsessed with these books, and when she had the (good fortune) to marry a man name Blythe, she named her daughter Anne and her son Gilbert (a little Flowers in the Atticky, I admit). The choice of Anne's name was deliberate. Besides the (I hope) humor value, I chose to name my main character after Anne because of who I imagined Anne needed to be to go through with an arranged marriage. When I was trying to figure out what might lead a woman to use that kind of service, I thought about how the whole concept of an arranged marriage was the antithesis to the fairytale, romantic stories we get fed all the time. I thought that if a woman grew up believing in those kinds of fairytales, partly because of her mother's obsession, but also because she looked like the character she was named after, and the fairytale didn't come true, she'd be a likely candidate. She never expected to have to work to find a good relationship and so when fate doesn't work out for her, she's willing to turn over her love life to someone else. So that's how Anne ended up being named Anne.

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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Time to Put on Your Wedding Shoes!

Wedding Belles by Haywood Smith is the third novel in the Red Hat series.  Are you ready to take a walk down the aisle?

You are invited to Wedding of Callie Baker and Wade Bowman.   Callie has just announced to her parents that she plans to marry Wade Bowman who happens to be her father’s best friend.  He is also known to Georgia her mother and the red hat club for his shenanigans in the past.   These revelations have caused grave concerns for Georgia.  Will she be happy for her daughter?  Or will she cause a rift between the two?  What solution will the red hats devise?

  My Thoughts:

This is my first Haywood Smith novel.   I was initially drawn to her because of the humor in her writing.  She shares bits and pieces of her writing  at her live events.   Humor in writing can be a  great asset.   I felt she used it well in this novel.  I enjoyed the characters.   You will enjoy meeting Tiny, Pru, Linda, Diane,  and others.
How would you feel if your daughter came to you said I want to marry a man who is thirty years my senior?  Would you be happy for her? These are the questions that Georgia must answer. 

 I did not enjoy the local flavor that was mentioned throughout the novel.  I am looking forward to reading another novel by this author.



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