Friday, February 2, 2018

Life’s A Journey

Thank you to St. Martins Press for a copy of The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah.  I was given this copy in exchange for an honest review.

Kristin Hannah took us to France with the Nightingale and now she takes us to Alaska.  I have followed Kristin for years in her writing career.  I knew she was writing a story set in Alaska and had also thrown out her manuscript and started over.   Was it worth the risk?


Lenora  ( Leni) Allbright has moved around a lot with her parents.  Her mom Cora is a waitress and her dad is a marine discharged from the armed services.  He is unable to keep a job and often takes out his frustrations on her mother.  One day Leni is informed that they are moving to Alaska.  The family goes to take possession of the land that Ernt had been given by the family of  a member of his unit.  It is a new start, and this time will be different. The move seems to be a blessing for Leni when she meets Matthew the only student in the class her age.  They become fast friends but the parents are  not fans of one another.  Leni’s dad is jealous of Matthew’s father.  The tension continues to mount until Leni cries out for the help that her mother is unable to ask for. How will this one action change her future?  Then when Leni’s father turns his rage on her?  What will those consequences be?

My Thoughts:

I loved this novel!  People may think I’m crazy but I liked it better than Nightingale.  I liked Nightingale, but the Great Alone is so much more. It has everything from a famiy in crisis to young love.  As a reader it is what I have to expect of the author. She is the only author that I know of that can get me to read about the 1970s.  I loved following Leni’s story.  It was also plotted well and the setting  really encapsulated the story.   Readers will read this novel to the very end without putting it down!

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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

What is Your Pattern of Obstacle?

One of Karen White’s recent novels is Flight Patterns.  This novel was published in 2016.  This story has bees, tupelo honey, and a huge secret.  What would you do to keep a secret hidden?  How would it impact others?  Was it worth in the end?


Georgia Chambers works for an auction house in New Orleans.  Mr. Mandeville her boss has received a request by a new client James Dasher for his china to be appraised.  He has come from New York because Georgia is the expert on Limoges china.   He brings Georgia a specific piece of china that has a bee pattern on it.  What she does not know is that this specific china also has a history in her family.  Yet Georgia hasn’t been home in thirteen years.  She silently agreed to never come back to Apalachicola, as a vow to her sister Maisy.  When she returns to hunt this piece of china the secret that has been buried in her family comes back to life.  Will it finally bring the healing that all members of that family need?  Is there more to Georgia and James connection than mere client and appraiser?

My Thoughts: 

I believe this novel is one of the best by Karen White that I have read.  It is my new favorite.  Readers will absolutely love this novel and it comes highly recommended.  I felt that the story had great symbolism with the flight of the bees and how it impacted each character in the story.  There are times when I read a story and I want to tell that character how their actions impacted those around them.  Or even ask the question was it really worth it?  The character in Flight Patterns would be Grandpa.    He kept a secret that has touched several lives.  I have always loved the Karen White weaves current events into history.  The plot is excellent! The only issue for me was the pacing in the middle.  

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