Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Is There Room For One More At The Table with Lisa Jo Baker

Have you ever wondered what would it take to be included?  How can you make friends in new surroundings?  How can you take the courage to reach out to other women?  I have and so I participated in Lifeway’s online bible study We Saved You a Seat by Lisa-Jo Baker.  This bible study is for both women and teens. 

For me it has been a struggle to find friends since I moved to Georgia.  While I have some great friends that I see from time to time Lynn, April, and Dawn.  I don’t really have people that I see on a regular basis.  This study appealed to me for possibly making a change that might bring more people into my life, and give me a chance to bless others.

Here are the supplies needed for this study.  You will need the study guide for We Saved You a Seat, the DVDs or digital downloads, and last but not least a group of friends to share it with. Of course don’t forget your bible.  Choose the meeting format that works best for you.  Don’t forget to plan something fun!

The video sessions begin with Lisa-Jo and one her friends introducing the topic for discussion.  The next segment is the group of ladies sitting together and discussing the topic. Lisa-Jo Baker is the leader of the discussion.   They tackle various subjects on friendship such as:  forgiveness, loving your friend, and reaching out to others.   There is no fill in the blank, but there are discussion questions for the leader to use in the meeting with the group.

The homework sections are very short.  The format for the week is three days of homework, and a challenge for the fourth day.  This format should be familiar to those who have participated in other Lifeway bible studies.  Once you have reached the challenge of the week groups can decide how they would like to proceed.

My Thoughts: 

I enjoyed this study. It was different than many of the other studies that I have participated in the past.  Lisa-Jo Baker has a different teaching style but it worked for what the focus of the study is.   It really made me think about relationships and how to get more plugged in with other women.  I was not a huge fan of the group discussions. I think a teacher who teaches individually works better for me.  I still feel this was a great study.  I highly recommend it. The thought I will leave you with is how are you going to step out in faith today?



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