Friday, September 7, 2012

A Different Dream Parenting by Jolene Philo

I was asked to review this book by Nancy Woleslagle.  She is one of the parents who contributed to this book.


Jolene in her book Different Dream Parenting shares advice for parents with special needs children.     She covers various topics such as what to do when your child is staying in the hospital.   Another chapter offers advice on how to deal with the death of a child.   Finally a chapter on how to parent those children who grow into adulthood.  In each chapter she gives advice from the parents themselves and her own experiences.  Each chapter is also very biblically based.

My Thoughts:

I loved how easy to read this book is.   I also love how biblically based each chapter is as well.   My advice to parents of special needs children read this book with a notebook, journal, or one of the Different Dream Parenting products. She offers very useful information for parents in this position.