Friday, April 13, 2012

All Our Tomorrows by Irene Hannon

How would you handle the grieving for a loved one? What if there were other circumstances that might affect others in the process? All Our Tomorrows explores this theme of grieving and what happens to others that we love. Caroline and David are both affected by a death in the family. Caroline lost her fiancée Michael who is also David's brother. Both feel they are to blame for his death. Both move on with their lives and cross paths again in St. Louis. Caroline is the editor for the paper the Chronicle and David has taken a position as Director of a project called Uplink. David originally goes to see Caroline to give her something Michael had which he thought she might want to have back. David thought this might be the end of it when he stumbles across this student Jared through his work with Uplink. Jared is a student who has tremendous talent in writing and photography. He lives in one of the worst area in town and has gang connections. Jared applies for the Uplink program thinking that it wouldn't be possible for him to be part of it. David and Jared meet up for an interview where David is left to question whether Jared really wants to be there. He contacts Caroline to see if Jared can have an internship at the Chronicle. Will the gangs let Jared go? What will become of David and Caroline's relationship?



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