Thursday, March 14, 2013

An Inspiring Tale!

Jane Porter’s second novel in the Brennan Sisters series is a joy to read and share.  Thank you to Berkley Books and Book Sparks PR for sending me a copy for a review.


Kit is the good daughter.  She is the peacemaker of the family and helps out with her mom’s illness.   She also teaches high school English at Memorial. Lately, Kit is feeling restless and is about to turn forty.   Recent events in her life make her wonder if she will ever find marriage and  a family?  On a holiday at the beach house in Capitola; Kit meets a man who appears to come from the wrong side of the tracks.  Her friends warn her to stay away but will she?   Then a student in her classroom is having difficulties at home.  Will Kit be able to help her?

My Thoughts:

This novel is a page turner.  Ms. Porter brings her characters to life with her wonderful descriptions and witty insides.  I could not have been happier with the second installment in the series.   Kit is a character that I can truly identify with some of her trials.  The places I struggled were the choices that the characters in this novel made.  This only makes for a great read.

The plot describes a single woman who has had struggles with various relationships in her life.  One that particularly hit home is being in your late thirties and still on the dating scene.  Many women could identify with Kit’s struggles. 


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