Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Have You Ever Desired to Make Changes?

Thank you to Book Sparks PR and Macmillan for my copy of In Bloom.  This novel  is the first book in the Brightside series.  I think it might be one worth checking out! What kind of relationships do  you dream of having?


Olivia Bloom has suffered a recent breakup and has decided to make some changes, in her life.  The first change is to move out west from Pittsburgh to sunny Los Angeles California.  She starts making  new friends, but is struggling with a job search.  Then she meets  Parker and Blair who offer to help her in project Loverly.  What is this project but a way to help Olivia to adjust to her new life in LA.  Will she be successful?  How will Berekeley from the Brightsides figure into all of this?

My Thoughts: 

I really like this novel. It is written very well!  I think  Kate Delahanty  may become one of my favorites.   I am definitely interested in the rest of the series.  The structure of this novel is interesting!  I have read novels where the structure is text message, email, or written letter.  I have not seen the use of tweets, but this is how each chapter begins.  It totally works with the rest of the novel.  I also have not read the genre of New Adult before which means the character is college or post college.

The characters are interesting!  The way an author constructs a character factors into the rest of the novel.  I was a little unsure of what I thought of Olivia’s conflict with Berekeley the lead singer. 

I look forward to more from Kate Delahanty!



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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Becoming The American Wife

A couple of years ago Curtis Sittenfeld wrote a novel the American Wife.  It is based loosely off of Laura Bush and her husband.  I had the opportunity to meet the author in the past.  So, I then greatly anticipate sharing one of their books with you.


Alice Lendgren is not your typical wife.  Why?  It is simple she is the wife of the president of the United States.   Her husband is Charlie Blackwell.   He is a member of the famous Blackwell family.  How did Alice become a member?  It all begins in a small town in Wisconsin.  Where a tragic event takes place in her youth that changes her future.  This tragic event impacts many around Alice in the small town of Riley Wisconsin.  So she leaves to go to college in Madison and persue a career as a teacher.  How will her choices impact her future?

My Thoughts: 

While I was very excited to begin this novel; I lost enthusiasm towards the end.  I have a difference of opinion with her political views.  The story is very well written.  I thought that the characters were well developed.  I found some character traits questionable, but created interesting characters.  I happened to listen to this novel.  The narrator did an excellent job of telling the story.  I found her very interesting. 

Curtis Sittenfeld created an interesting story, not something I would pick up again.



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