Saturday, December 8, 2012

Jane Austen’s Legacy

I recently reread Pride and Prejudice.   I have had this book on my bookshelf since my senior year of high school where my teacher Mrs. Vogel taught me to appreciate Jane Austen.  I could write the typical review but many know the story.

Product DetailsHere is the cliff notes version of the book.   This is the story of the Bennet family who have five marriageable daughters.  A new visitor comes to town.  His name is Mr. Bingley and he is single.  The family goes to meet him and he finds he has a thing for Jane Bennet.  His friend who is also visiting Mr. Darcy finds some interest in Miss Elizabeth Bennet.   Will these two women find a happy ending?

I listened to Pride and Prejudice this time.   I found the narrator very interesting and not my favorite this time around.   I did leave with some questions.  I wonder what this book would look like written in modern english?   Also the focus is about the women getting husbands but today the focus would be careers?  How would these changes affect us today?  Or did they really speak this way?  

In recent years movies have been about Jane Austen and her books.