Friday, January 3, 2014

Clearing Shelves Giveaway Blog Hop

It is time to do a little spring cleaning at Writer’s Corner.   I am offering three books
with some author swag.  The prizes are Hell or High Water by Joy Castro, Love and Other Subjects by Kathleen Shoop, and Three Months in Florence by Mary Carter.

Here is a little about each book:

Nola Cespedes is a reporter for the Times Picayune a New Orleans newspaper, and just beginning her career in the newspaper business.   Shea has been writing many society pieces for the newspaper.  One day her boss Bailey comes with a story at first that Nola does not want to touch.  He talks her into taking the story about sexual assault offenders that are off the grid in New Orleans.   Nola starts to tackle the story what else will she find?  She has the support of her girlfriends and family. 

Carolyn is starting her first year of teaching in a new school in the D.C. area.   She shares her experiences with her good friends Nina and Laura.  School is not what Carolyn thought it would be.  She has no support from her boss Principal Klein.  How will she reach her students?  Her love life seems to be going stale with current boyfriend Alex.  Carolyn decides to end it and meets this great guy Jeep.  What is he all about?  Then there are the challenges of reaching her students in her room. Will she survive the year?

Lena has the perfect man and the perfect family.  Or does she?  One night Alex her husband asks her to dinner at a local restaurant to give her some news.  He tells her that he has been asked to teach in Florence Italy at the university.  Lena is beside herself with excitement because she has dreamed of going to Italy for sixteen years.  Could this really be happening?  Then Alex tells her that he will go himself and there will not be room for the family.  Lena perseveres because there is a promise of being able to visit.  Then Alex tells her that he has been asked to teach another semester.  Lena is livid and then tells him he is coming home.  The day arrives and Alex is not there but a Skype to Italy reveals he has a mistress.  The trip to Italy does happen.   How will Lena respond?  Will she get her husband back?
To enter the hop please leave your e-mail below.  You can do something like this:  jenceyg at gmail dot com.   You can also follow on GFC, Facebook, or Tweet for extra entries. I just need a way to contact you when I announce the winner.  This giveaway is open to US only.

This is a Blog Hop!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Linda Kish is the winner of the Midwinter Blog Hop Giveaway!  Stay tuned for the Clearing the
shelves giveaway at the end of the week.

2013 Best Reads

Happy New Year!  So what are the best reads of 2013?  Here are my and Celeste’s picks as the best of 2013.  These books don’t necessarily have to have been published in this year. 
1.    Hemingway’s Girl by Erica Robuck.  Celeste highly recommends this book for any book club.   She could not say enough about this novel.
2.    Forgotten by Catherine McKenzie.  Jencey’s pick as one of the best reads this year.  This book is very easy to read. I loved this story!
3.    The Dressmaker by Kate Alcott.  One of the best Historical fiction reads of the year.  A young servant learns about dressmaking while traveling on the Titanic.  One aspect of this novel is the part of history it covers.  How many of you can say that you know a lot of about the trials of the White Star line after the sinking?
4.    The Fever Tree by Jennifer McVeigh.  This novel initially was not one I would have initially thought would interest me.  I was so totally wrong.  A great book club read!  Inspires great discussion!
5.    The Fixer Upper by Mary Kay Andrews.  Great read!  Full of humor!  I thoroughly enjoyed this novel all the way through.
6.     The Love Wars by L. Allison Heller which was her debut novel.  I absolutely loved it!  A great easy read and look forward to her next novel.
7.     The Good Daughter by Jane Porter.  I had the honor of reviewing this one.  I loved the story probably because I could identify so much with the main character.
8.     Christmas Bliss by Mary Kay Andrews.  The further adventures of Bebe and Weezy.  A perfect page turner.
9.     The Good Wife by Jane Porter.  Here is Jane’s latest in the series.  I enjoyed this one just as much as The Good Daughter.   Jane has a way of bringing the raw emotions of her characters to life.
10.  In the Shadow of a Banyan by Vaddey Ratner.  This moving story covers a family’s survival during the Khmer Rouge rule in Cambodia in the 1970s. 

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

What Would it Take For You to Act?

The Hesitant Hero by Gilbert Morris continues into World War II.   What member of
the family will we meet next?  


Tyler Winslow is the son of missionary parents and is anxious to begin his painting career.  He starts school but gets distracted by a beautiful woman named Caroline.  She is wealthy and feels that Tyler should be available whenever she wants him.  These distractions cause Tyler to flunk out of college.  One night he winds up in the ER and meets Jolie Vernay a medical student.  This chance meeting brings on changes for Tyler.  Will he be able to pursue his painting further?  Tyler winds up in France struggling to continue with his painting.   His path gives  him  the opportunity to meet up with Jolie again.  She asks Tyler for help with a problem.  Will he be able to think beyond himself and help Jolie?  Or will the events leading up to World War II change his prospective?

My Thoughts:

I absolutely love the House of Winslow series.  I also love the novels that focus on War in history.  They create interesting stories to share with the current generation.  The events focus on what happened leading up to World War II.  The author asks an important question.  Can God change our path by putting us through certain trials?
He does a great job of coming up with character driven conflict.  Tyler Winslow can he learn that others are more important than himself?  Jolie Vernay can she learn to accept the flaws in others and open her heart?  Then there are the children Yolande, Damien, and Rochelle will they have the faith to make it?


Please visit Gilbert Morris on his Facebook page and Website.