Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Visit the Roaring Twenties with Laura Moriarty

Thank you to both Lydia Hirt and Laura Moriarty for this great opportunity to review Laura’s latest work.  Her book The Chaperone was also featured in the giveaway at Stonecrest Library.


Cora makes the decision to accompany young Louise Brooks on her upcoming journey to New York as her chaperone.  Is she prepared for Louise’s larger than life personality?  Cora also has another reason for going to New York to find out more about her family.  Will she find more than she bargained for in her search?  Cora’s sense of value and propriety are often lost on Louise which causes conflict in their relationship.  Will the two be able to get along in New York or will it be a short trip?

My Thoughts:

I love historical novels.  I thought the setting was interesting with the story taking place in both Kansas and New York.  Laura put a lot of time into the research of this book because it shows in the depth of the characters and the attention to detail for the era.  One aspect of the story I found interesting is the constant debate on fashion.  I guess some things are timeless!  My only criticism was that for me the reader it was hard to read about some of the circumstances that both Louise and Cora found themselves involved.   While I may have had difficulty with this aspect it is also a trait of great story telling.

I actually didn’t know that Louise Brooks was a famous movie star in the twenties.  I thought Louise’s conflicts with Cora really showed the psychology of their different backgrounds.  It is nice to know that the debate over fashion is still alive and well.   What did you fight with your mother about concerning fashion?


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