Saturday, April 14, 2012

Opposite Of Me by Sarah Pekkanen

Opposite Of Me  is the story of two sisters Alex and Lindsey. The story is told from Lindsey’s prospective. Lindsey is a hard working ad executive in New York City. She works so hard that the only friend she has is a colleague named Matt. Lindsey fights for a campaign account for a company named Gloss. She loses the account and her job later that evening. After wallowing in her apartment for a few days she decides she needs to go home and start over. She could never start over in New York and goes home to Bethesda Maryland. She goes home to start over, but she tells her parents and her sister a lie that she is opening a branch of the agency down in the DC area. 

Alex is engaged to Gary and is planning her wedding. The night before her engagement party she runs into an old friend of her sister’s Bradley who happens to be a photographer. Alex is not happy with her plans to marry Gary. She keeps trying to talk to Lindsey after she arrives home but Lindsey keeps blowing her off. Alex has a secret that only she knows about and only Lindsey can help. Will sisters be able to get past their previous history? Will Lindsey be honest with her family?

I really liked this first effort by Sarah Pekkanen. I highly recommend it to everyone out there. I give the book four out of five hearts.  Be sure to check out Sarah's newest release 
Skipping A Beat  which will come out later this month.

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