Thursday, November 24, 2016

Visit Sunshine Beach with Wendy Wax!

It is time to catch up with the ladies of Ten Beach Road.  This series started with book one Ten Beach Road. The four ladies found one another:  Avery, Nicki, Maddie, and Kyra as victims of a Ponzi scheme.  Their story continues in this next book four Sunshine Beach by Wendy Wax.


Kyra and Dustin have a home at the Ten Beach Road house.  Stephanie is finally starting over since the divorce with Will the rocker.  Avery is still grieving over the loss of her mother Deirdre the interior designer.  Nicki and FBI agent Joe are progressing in their relationship.  What will their next renovation project be?  Kyra and Dustin stumble onto this hotel on the beach.  This would be their biggest renovation project yet.  Maddie’s ex-husband Steve appears for a visit with thoughts of reclaiming his wife.  Will he be successful?  Who will be Deirdre’s replacement?

My Thoughts:

I loved this novel!  It was great to catch up with the characters that I have gotten to know so well, in the previous book.  Readers can pick this up series with this book or start at the beginning with Ten Beach Road.  Sunshine Beach can stand alone.   There is not much mentioned in it about the renovation of the hotel.  In other words because of the story the physical work was not as documented as usual.  I loved the twist in the plot with bringing back Steve the ex-husband.  

A mystery is also associated with the story.  This mystery surrounds the hotel and its past, and the family that owns it.  The two sisters that own it are not sure they want to renovate.   It adds a nice flavor to the story.  One readers will find very interesting.

The next Ten Beach Road novel is One Good Thing.  You can preorder it now.



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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Would You Like to Meet Zelda Fitzgerald?

Who loved the Paris Wife by Paula McLain?   The Paris Wife was Hadley Hemingway's story. Zelda Fitzgerald was also part of her story. Therese Anne Fowler explores Zelda's story in Z A NOVEL of ZELDA FITZGERALD.  How did she meet Scott Fitzgerald?  What was she like as a person? 


Zelda is from Birmingham Alabama.  Her father was one the most well-known judges of that time. She is their youngest of the family and most spoiled.  The rules seem to never apply to her.  Out with friends she meets young Lt. F. Scott Fitzgerald.  They seem to hit it off.  They first met during the waning years of World War I.  Once the war was over and Scott goes back to New York what will happen to their relationship?   Zelda wants to marry Scott but is not sure he will meet the financial requirements.  Once this problem is solved then it is off to married life and trips to Europe.  Scott wants to go over to France so he can feel inspired to finish his novel.  What happens when he meets the popular Ernest Hemingway?  How does this change Scott’s relationship with Zelda?

My Thoughts:

I thought that Zelda’s story was interesting.  I loved reading about the time in Paris.  I always envisioned her as being flighty and not very intelligent.  Ms. Fowler created the character of Zelda.  The character has one trait that surprised me, her intelligence.  I felt for her with the misogynistic behavior of her husband and Hemingway.  I am glad to see that times have changed with the role of women.   I had a desire to seek out the Fitzgerald family tree to see what became of her descendants. 
Therese Fowler weaves an interesting picture of  Zelda Fitzgerald.  

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