Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Welcome Back to the Beach House!

Are you ready for the first of the beach reads of 2017! Here is the first one on our docket at Writer’s Corner. Thank you to Gallery Books for a copy of Beach House for Rent by Mary Alice Monroe. I was not given any financial compensation for this review.

This is the third and final installment of the Beach House series. Readers will get a chance to learn what will happen to Cara’s beach house and her family. Yes, turtles and shore birds are also included in this story. What will the future bring?


Cara and Brett are putting the finishing touches on their renovations of the beach house. Her plan is to rent it for the summer for some extra income that she and Brett desperately need.  The perfect opportunity comes from a contact of Palmer’s who needs a place for this summer.  This contact has a daughter who will live there and work all summer.  So the rental agreement is made between Cara and Heather for the summer. Her job for the summer is to sketch shore birds for use by the Post office on future stamps. Then tragedy strikes and Cara needs to move back to the beach house. It is her center and place that she feels close to her mother, and a place of healing. Heather does not want to leave.  The women work together on an arrangement that becomes beneficial to both for living at the beach house. How does this relationship impact both Cara and Heather’s lives? Will it help Cara to heal? Will Heather be brave enough to move forward with her life?

My Thoughts:

I enjoyed Beach House for Rent. Mary Alice Monroe has a quality to her writing that makes readers want to turn pages. She brings back favorite characters of Cara, Brett, Palmer, Emmi, and Flo. Then she creates a complex character as Heather. What makes her a great edition is her complexity which is the autism. I thought she represented the autistic perspective well. Heather is a high functioning autistic person.

The book is set on Isle of Palms. This location includes gorgeous beaches. Who could not desire that for the summer? We also learn about shore birds. Not much time is given to the turtles in this book. Mary Alice always seeks to educate her readers through fiction. So I can’t help but wonder if we will see more about Shore birds in future books? Or might we see more of Heather in another book?

Purchase your copy here. If you have not read the entire Beach House trilogy then buy here.