Friday, May 15, 2015

Giveaway for Mary Andrews Prize Pack for Save the Date and Summer Rental

I just got some exciting news that Save The Date will be released in trade paperback and Summer
Rental will be released in mass market.  Two great reads by Mary Kay Andrews.  I am currently reading Beach Town and can't wait to share it with you.  So to start how about a giveaway  that includes this great prize pack.
Here's a list of what all will be in the fabulous goody bag:
  • Copy of SAVE THE DATE in trade paperback
  • Copy of SUMMER RENTAL in mass market paperback
  • Two different Mary Kay Andrews bookmarks
  • Set of 3 SAVE THE DATE recipe cards
  • SAVE THE DATE magnet
  • MKA Summer Rental sticker
  • BEACH TOWN lip balm with SPF 15
See the rafflecopter:

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The Audio Publishers Association announces THE AUDIOBOOK BLOGGER OF THE YEAR!

Contest Winner, The Literate Housewife,
To be crowned at Audies Gala on May 28th
May 4, 2015—The Audio Publishers Association (APA) has announced that Jennifer Conner who runs the book blog “The Literate Housewife,” will be recognized as the 2015 Audiobook Blogger of the Year—an honor awarded to her through a competition sponsored by the APA.
“The APA created this contest to recognize the valuable contribution of independent audiobook listeners who review and promote the format online” said Megan Fitzpatrick of Hachette Audio, who is an APA member and one of the contest judges. “We saw it as an opportunity to not only reward their work, but to increase engaging discussions about audiobooks on the web and to encourage new bloggers to join the conversation.”
For the competition bloggers were invited to submit entries for consideration by a 5-member panel of judges including three APA members, APA Executive Director Michele Cobb, and one celebrity judge—actor and award-winning audiobook narrator Bronson Pinchot.
“I was honored to join this effort to recognize all of the amazing work book bloggers do to celebrate and advocate the audiobook listening experience,” Pinchot said. “The range of focus from site to site (examining various genres and appealing to different audiences) was impressive, and their enthusiasm contagious. Without exception, the entries were of high quality, with well-written and deeply considered reviews, and many also had very strong reputations for championing audiobooks through social media.”
Entrants were judged on three review posts submitted for consideration; on the overall review coverage and aesthetics of their site; on their social media presence and interaction with their blog community and fellow bloggers; and on a personal statement.
“We were thrilled to g
et such strong entries,” said APA Executive Director Michele Cobb. “A good competition is a fierce one! Literate Housewife impressed us with her quality coverage and creativity.”
“It was great to see the wonderful enthusiasm for audiobooks among the entries and it was a really hard decision,” added Samantha Edelson of Macmillan Audio, an APA member and contest judge. “Ultimately, Literate Housewife’s thoughtfulness and attention to detail really stood out.”
Conner’s prize for winning the competition is 2 tickets to the black-tie Audies Gala, which will be held on Thursday, May 28, 2015 at the New York Acad
emy of Medicine in New York City. Conner will be recognized for her achievement at the Gala and have her photo taken with Audies emcee, author Jack Gantos, and contest judge Bronson Pinchot.
Conner had this to say about her new title: “Audiobooks are my passion. Knowing how gifted and diverse the audiobook blogging community is, it is an incredible honor to be chosen as the APA’s 2015 Audiobook Blogger of the Year. Receiving this award tells me that in some way I have contributed to the audiobook community that has given me so much.”
Formed in 1987, the Audio Publishers Association (APA) is a not-for-profit trade association that advocates the common, collective business interests of audio publishers. The APA consists of audio publishing companies and allied suppliers, distributors, and retailers of spoken word products and allied fields related to the production, distribution and sale of audiobooks. The APA serves as a networking, educational and information forum for its members; delivers programs, services and awards that serve the common business interests for its members; and promotes policies and activities that accelerate audiobook awareness and industry growth. APA and its members work to bring all audio publishers together to create increased public awareness for the audiobook industry through joint publicity efforts, national consumer surveys, trade show exhibits, an association newsletter and the annual APA conference, APAC.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

All Good Things Must End

Thank you to Mary Alice Monroe and Gallery books for my copy of Summer’s End in exchange for an honest review.  I am excited to share the final chapter in the Summer Girls series.  A giveaway is also included.  See the rafflecopter below for details.


The summer is slowly coming to the end for the Summer Girls.  Mamaw will soon be moving into the retirement home.  Dora will be moving forward with Nate into a new home and relationship.  Carson is back on Sullivan’s island after going to Florida to care for the dolphin Delphine.  How will her summer really finish? Will she be able to move forward?  Then there is Harper who is dreading the idea of going back to New York.  Her plans change once she has met Tyler McClellan.  Will she finally be able to stand up to her mother?   What about her special summer project?

My Thoughts: 

I loved the first novel in the Summer Girls series!  I definitely was not disappointed with the last novel in the series.  Or is this the last?  This series focuses on the lives of the three daughters Dora, Carson, and Harper.  This book specifically features Harper’s character and her development.  The plot specifically focuses on what happens with Harper’s character and how it impacts the others in the novel. 

This novel once again is set in the Sullivan’s island.  The rich detail of the characters brings a story that readers will enjoy.

 A perfect way to begin the Beach Read season!

Rating: 5/5

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Monday, May 11, 2015

What Perfect Means to Me by Tina Guyden

A Perfect Man by Cecilia Dominic is about redefining the notion of the perfect mate. Using the backdrop of a romance writing course, Karen and Seth learn that perfect is not always what or whom you expect. Thank you to the author and Samhain Publishing for sharing this book in exchange for an honest review.


Karen meets Seth in the first class of her MFA program. The ultimate goal for both of them is becoming published writers.  She is more than a little anxious about this class, because she realizes her former boyfriend, an author that she supported financially has a relationship with the professor. Seth wants to be a writer despite the lack of support from his mother and the financial worries that being a writer can bring. Karen and Seth are forced to work on the class project together. Is it just the physical appearance? Is it shared goals and interest? Is it the circle of friends that cause two intelligent attractive people to decide they would like to merge their stories into one great novel? Eventually, after a series of misunderstandings and dating mishaps, Karen and Seth realize they are perfect writing and romantic partners.

My Thoughts:

Honestly, I had a difficult time finding my rhythm with A Perfect Man.  Karen and Seth were fun to follow, but the pacing was slow throughout the story. It was two steps forward, three steps back dance type of read. Once the decision was made for them to become a couple, it was much better. But getting to the HEA was not a smooth ride.   



Please visit Cecilia Dominic on her Facebook page, Twitter, and her Website.

Guest post: what it means to write in the south and how that contributes to a great story

Thank you so much for having me on your blog, Jencey and Tina!            

I was stuck on what to write for this blog post for a while, but the answer was all around me, and I figured it out one day while I was on a run. Writing in the South means writing in color, and that color is green. In the spring, we look for the first buds on the trees and shrubs. In the summer, we watch the sky for that certain shade that tells us we should head for the basement or an inside closet. After a light rain, it even smells green outside. And in winter, we still have a lot of color thanks to the abundance of evergreens.

It’s probably not an accident that my favorite place to write is outside. I've heard in various contexts that when you're stuck creatively, looking at something green can help unblock you. Researchers have demonstrated the association between looking at something green and creativity with a series of experiments in Europe.* In one study, participants had to log into a creativity test through either a predominantly green or a white screen, and the ones who logged in on the green one scored 20% higher on the task. That's significant. The results were the same even when compared with other colors like red and blue.

Living in the South gives me plenty of opportunity to create outside, preferably on my back patio or the porch of my parents’ cabin in Blairsville, from as early as the end of February to as late as the occasional warm day in December. I didn’t really appreciate how long our green season is until last year, when I ended up in Boston right around March 1. Our trees were starting to bud, and they still had snow on the ground. While I like to visit New England, I think I would be depressed if I had to live there through the winter.

Sure, living in a humid subtropical climate has its disadvantages like the humidity – especially when you have naturally curly hair like mine – and the bugs, but I do love the plants. I can’t claim that my stories are better than those of my counterparts in other parts of the country, but I do know that my writing flows better when I can write outside amidst all the shades of green. I just watch out for the tornadoes.


As much as I love the greenness of the mountains and forests, my perfect place to visit is the beach. What’s yours? Comment below for a chance to win a $5 Amazon gift card. Please be sure to include your email with your comment so I know how to contact you if you win.